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Idappcom launches security software testing solution

Idappcom has launched Traffic IQ V2.0 to help firms test and maintain their security solutions.


A security software testing solution has been launched to help firms manage their defences more effectively.

Traffic IQ V2.0 from Idappcom has been designed specifically to test the response and recognition capabilities of IP filtering security devices and access control systems, such as switches and routers.

In a presentation on how Traffic IQ V2.0 works, Idappcom showed IT PRO how unprotected vulnerabilities can be identified before solutions are provided to fix the flaws immediately.

"Traffic IQ Professional is a good and useful product because, not only does it work hard to ensure that network security is effective, but also when it finds vulnerabilities it provides solutions to fix them," said Andy Kellett, senior analyst for enterprise applications security for Ovum.

"As well as security-conscious private sector organisations, Traffic IQ is used by security and network vendors and by the military."

The full licensed version comes in two different forms - Traffic IQ Pack and Traffic IQ Pro Pack.

With the former, businesses can expect to receive an extensive traffic library containing thousands of known threats, a traffic file editor and a command line interface where security holes can be identified and plugged.

The premium version has all of the standard features and includes a module which uses an industry standards-based security rule for the latest threats to further assist businesses in their data protection efforts.

"The addition of security rules means that we not only show where the security gaps are but we also provide a way to plug the gap. It's the most cost efficient method to ensure that your network defences are working as they should do," said Idappcom chief executive Ray Bryant.

Furthermore, individual modules can be added so users can create a more bespoke service.

"This flexibility in buying options and the modularization of the product provides our clients and potential clients with an easy way to start realizing the benefits of security assessment testing," Bryant added.

Appliance versions of Traffic IQ are also available, along with a freeware option called Traffic IQ Replay.

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