The movie technology that IT departments would love

Hollywood has very clear ideas of what computers are capable of. But which of its pipe dreams would actually help the modern day IT department? Simon Brew has some suggestions…

A Big Stomping Robot

There's surely no IT department in the world that wouldn't, at some point, want the might of computing power to generate a (non-lethal) creation such as the odd robotic sight at the end of Superman III. That or, with a nod to Weird Science, the ability to design someone on their machine and have them come to life in front of them. Might not get any computers fixed for a while, though.

Have we missed anything out? Then add your thoughts below. Scarily, it's worth considering that some of the innovations that we've outlined above are either in some degree of development, or perhaps even already deployed in one form or another. The giant robot aside, of course

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