Samsung aims new range at educators

The company has gone all out at this year’s BETT show to convince the education sector it is the company for them.

School technology

Samsung has used this week's BETT conference to make a play for the education market, launching a range of new products aimed at the classroom.

Although the company showcased a number of new netbooks and laptops, the centre of attention was the TX100, a device capable of being both a netbook and tablet.

Running Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system and featuring an Intel Atom processor, the TX100 has a 10.1in touchscreen to use in tablet form. This slides up to reveal a keyboard, turning the device into an easy to use netbook.

Darren Matthews, general manager of Samsung's computing division, said: "We're committed to improving and diversifying learning experiences through technology and are constantly looking for ways to develop our technology for use in the classroom."

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"The TX100 in particular we see as an exciting prospect for education due to its portability and ability to perform as a netbook or tablet."

There was more on offer to teachers and their pupils than just this one device though.

With a focus on durability and lightness, the ZX310 was made from duralumin and had a "SuperBright Plus display," which Samsung claimed to be twice as bright as others on offer.

The R Series range of notebooks focus on speedy start-up, with the bold claim that all the range power up within three seconds. It also features automatic backup, meaning whether pupils remember to save or not, work won't be lost.

The NB30 Touch and NB30 Plus are all about battery life, with claims they last for up to 11 hours and 14 hours respectively. They also feature a seal designed to protect the device if any liquid is spilt on it a common hazard when dealing with small children and have touchscreen-enabled displays for a more interactive feel.

The final model on offer, the SF310, is designed for the "style conscious student" rather than those who need durability, with a focus on a streamlined design with a scratch resistant chassis.

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"The computing range has devices designed to suit different ages, student needs, and education environments," added Matthews.

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