SolarWinds Storage Profiler 4.12 review

Are your storage networks out of control? SolarWinds claims its Storage Profiler software is easier to use and better value than most other SRM products. Read this review to see if it really can bring order to chaos.

The Backup Profiler can be difficult to configure as it requires a lot of information about the backup application including log file locations and data and time formats. We also found out the hard way that it doesn't currently support CA ARCserve r15. We had more luck with Backup Exec r12.5 Profiler successfully detected two servers running this software. The Backup Monitor window kept track of successful, running and failed backup jobs on these backup servers.

Add servers to Backup Groups and you can view graphs of total backed up data, throughput and the percentage of successful jobs. If a backup job fails, the icon for the relevant server turns red to highlight this immediately. The event monitor keeps you updated on any problems with colour coded alerts and, once profiles have been configured, you can request alerts on issues such as capacity shortages, high processor usage and so on.

Profiler comes with hundreds of predefined reports covering all areas from volume usage for systems and groups to backup operations or available storage assets to SAN topologies. You can also use any of these as templates, customise them to suit and have them emailed out at regular intervals.

Even though some of the optional modules will push up the price, we still think that SolarWinds Storage Profiler is comparatively good value. It supports an extensive range of hardware vendors, is relatively easy to deploy and is capable of providing a wealth of information about your storage network.

So what's our verdict?


If you’re not sure what’s on your storage network then we recommend checking out Storage Profiler as it’s capable of providing a lot of useful information about an extensive range of devices. You will need the optional modules to get the best out of it, but this software will make sure you never run out of storage space again.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Memory: 2GB Hard disk: 50GB Operating system: Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 (32 and 64-bit) Options: Virtual & Server Profiler – £1,315 for up to 10 virtual or physical servers, £2,635 for up to 25 virtual or physical servers. Backup Profiler per primary backup server – Symantec Backup Exec, £350; CA ARCserve - £520, Symantec NetBackup - £3,450.

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