Tech Heads: Cisco's Dave Evans predicts the future

We talk to Cisco's chief futurist about his predictions for the technology of the future - from cyborgs, parallel universes and internet telepathy to the ultimate fate of humanity itself.

Dave on artificial prosthetics and enhancing people with technology.

30 years ago when I was trying to figure what I want do when I grow up,

I foresaw the day when we would start integrating biology and technology. That day is beginning now.

For example, you look at the way Dean Cayman is doing with Luke, the prosthetic arm. It's a brain-controlled arm. Toyota has a wheelchair, that if you're a paraplegic, you can control it by thinking about doing it. In the last two months alone there have been advances in MRI scanning where they can scan the human brain and detect what you're about to do before you do it. They can detect what you're thinking before you audibly say it. It's crude, but it's getting there.

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We will create internet-based telepathy. We will communicate with each other, by thought alone, over the network.

Over the coming years as we learn how to integrate hardware and software into wetware, we are wetware, we will start to augment humans with electronics. Now, it gets very futuristic but what I will predict will happen, and proof-of-principles have been done for this, we will create internet-based telepathy. We will communicate with each other, by thought alone, over the network. Proof-of-principles have already been done in very crude ways, such as morse code.

Because of Moore's Law and advances in nanotech, our ability to do things at the subatomic level we're becoming masters of our own destiny. We're entering a phase of self-evolution. We will start to augment ourselves more and more with technology. We will add technology to our brains to augment our own capabilities. Now this is decades out, but if we keep going down the path we're going we'll be able to download all the world's information just by thinking about doing it.

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