Nicira launches Network Virtualisation Platform

The Californian company virtualises the network to cut costs in the cloud.


Nicira today claimed it was bringing the last piece of the cloud puzzle to the market, virtualising the network and removing the hardware restrictions it faces.

The Network Virtualisation Platform (NVP) is a software product deployed at the edge of the network. It views the network infrastructure as an IP backplane to enable virtual networks to run across the same hardware, mimicking the services the physical networks offer including security and quality of service policies.

Nicira allows us to repurpose network infrastructure on-demand and move applications dynamically.

The virtual networks can then connect up virtual machines across a single data centre or multiple locations, enabling companies to get the most out of their network infrastructure and utilise their servers to a higher degree.

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"Network virtualisation is the biggest change to networking in 25 years," said Stephen Mullaney, chief executive (CEO) of Nicira.

"NVP provides the final pivotal piece to cloud computing, the most transformational change to IT in a generation, and the largest most forward-thinking cloud providers are laser focused on operations and economics, the two benefits Nicira delivers."

The technology has already won the seal of approval from big names in cloud computing, such as Rackspace, AT&T and eBay. Lew Moorman, president of Rackspace, even went as far as calling it "a game changer."

NVP is compatible with any networking hardware and Nicira claims it can be installed without any disruption of service.

Payment will be delivered in typical cloud model, with users paying usage-based monthly subscriptions, dependent on the number of virtual network ports.

"Nicira allows us to repurpose network infrastructure on-demand and move applications dynamically," added JC Martin, a cloud architect at eBay.

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"This eliminates the operational constraints associated with the existing network environment and reduces the time it takes us to deliver a service from days to minutes."

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