Apple new iPad pricing details comparison

Find out where to get the best deals

Apple launched the iPad today and if you're considering buying the device there are a number of options available to you.

Of course with queues outside Apple Stores, it may be quicker and easier to get your hands on the device from another source. All the networks bar O2 are offering the subsidised versions of the 4G iPad.

Below is an overview of the deals available:


The biggest array of options are offered by Three, which also has the most generous allowances. You can grab a 16GB iPad for 25 a month if you sign a 24-month contract. This comes with a 15GB data allowance. The network will charge 159 upfront for tablet, which is reduced to 99 if you pay 29 per month.

Three new iPad pricing details

Meanwhile, 30-day rolling contracts start at 7.50 per month for the 16GB model. This deals comes with 1GB of data allowance and the tablet costs 479 upfront. If you fork out 15 per month, Three will provide you with a 64GB iPad and a 10GB monthly allowance. The upfront cost is 629.


Vodafone is also offering the new iPad on either a 30 day rolling contract or 24-month contract. The network offers 2GB of data and 1GB of BT Openzone in its tariff. If you go over your allowance, Vodafone will charge 15 per extra GB.

The 16GB 4G model is the cheapest with Vodafone charging 199 upfront if you sign up to a 24-month contract at 27 per month. The 64GB edition will cost 345 on the two-year plan at 27 per month.

Vodafone new iPad pricing details

If you choose to go with a 30 day rolling contract, you will be paying 7.50 per month, but the 16GB device will cost 499 upfront. If you choose to get the 64GB edition on the 30-day contract, Vodafone will charge 645. The estimated delivery time if you order on the website is two to three weeks.

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