Broadberry CyberStore 424DSS review

This unified network storage product combines NAS, IP SAN and FC SAN operations and has great expansion potential. Dave Mitchell finds out if the affordable platform is the perfect all-rounder.


SMBs faced with a choice of network storage technologies typically opt for IP SANs as they're more flexible than NAS appliances and cost less than FC SANs. Broadberry's CyberStore 424DSS now gives them the best of all three worlds as it combines NAS, IP SAN and FC SAN operations in the same appliance.

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The driving force is provided by Open-E's Data Storage Server (DSS) software. This offers all three storage options as standard so you can pick whichever suits your needs. Best of all, you only pay for capacity.

Broadberry CyberStore 424DSS

Broadberry charges 299 for each extra 3TB SAS 2 drive

The price for the review system includes a 16TB capacity license. This can be augmented in 4TB steps each costing 125 ex VAT. Once you reach 48TB, the license opens up to an unlimited capacity which is just as well as the CyberStore has a massive expansion potential.

The base unit has 24 hot-swap LFF drive bays all managed by an LSI SAS 9280-4i4e RAID controller with 512MB of battery protected cache. Its external SAS port supports up to five of Broadberry's 16-bay or 24-bay DAS arrays. Additional LSI RAID cards can be fitted and with each one supporting five more DAS arrays, Petabytes are a distinct possibility.

Broadberry - Virtual volume creation

During virtual volume creation you choose whether you want it for NAS, IP SAN or FC SAN operations

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