Fortinet FortiGate 3140B review

The FortiGate 3140B is a feature-laden UTM appliance which comes with a 64GB SSD, 10GbE port and an average throughput of 8.2Gbps.

UTM profiles

Firewall policies control traffic and services between selected interfaces and port zones. Each can also contain various UTM profiles. For web filtering, Fortinet's own service provides eight main URL categories and nearly eighty subcategories.

For each category and subcategory you can opt to log, block, allow or warn as well as specify user authentication. Options are also provided for enforcing web usage quotas, activating the Safe Search feature and scanning HTTPS traffic.

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The FortiGuard anti-spam measures are managed using profiles which define the mail protocols to scan and how to handle spam. We've always found this service to be very efficient, delivering detection rates of up to 99 per cent during testing with low false positives.

Anti-virus profiles define which protocols are to be scanned and gives the option of removing or quarantining viruses. DLP sensor profiles are used to look out for file types, file sizes, fingerprints, conditions or expressions such as credit card numbers.

Vulnerability scans use asset definitions based on IP addresses and ranges and can include Windows and Unix authentication details. Scans can be run on-demand or to a schedule and the results viewed from the web console.

Fortinet FortiGate 3140B - Reporting

Fortinet's FAMS is worth getting for its extensive hosted reporting services

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