Cryptzone calls for cyber security to be taught in schools

Security vendor wants to see IT security education included in the National Curriculum.


Security vendor Cryptzone has backed the Singapore government's view that countries should spend more time and money on educating citizens about online threats.

The comments were made by Singapore's communications minister Yaacob Ibrahim at an event last week.

Grant Taylor, vice president of IT threat mitigation vendor Cryptzone, said IT security education is important and should become part of the National Curriculum in schools.

Many parents are in the dark themselves and unable to pass on these skills to their children.

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"Children are using technology at a younger and younger age, but are not hearing suitable security messages often enough. Many parents are in the dark themselves [and] unable to pass on these skills to their children. This should be of concern to us all," Taylor said.

To this end, he said representatives from IT security organisations should speak to schools and universities to teach students about cybercrime and other online threats.

From a business point of view, IT security systems also need to become easier to use and manage, he added.

"Awareness of ICT among employees is fundamental to reducing employee related security incidents. When people come to understand the importance of exercising personal responsibility, they adopt securer online practices," said Taylor.

"Minister Ibrahim is correct to include the education of other countries in his observations. We must be careful not to neglect developing economies, or the cybersecurity issue will come back to haunt us in the future, as we grow online trade with such countries," he added.

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