Apple iPhone 5 review: First look

The 5th generation iOS handset features a 4in Retina display, dual-band Wi-Fi and will be the first 4G device in the UK.

We're also happy to see Apple has refreshed the look of its stores. The iTunes Store and App Store now have a more dynamic front-end, with larger icons and a cleaner feel. Goodness knows they needed the update. Navigation was perfectly smooth over the launch area's Wi-Fi, and there's no doubt the whole look is easier on the eye. Again, we'll have to properly use this in anger before we can judge.

Is it any good?

Short answer: yes.

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Long answer: Samsung fans will say it's not a big update, and it's certainly not as groundbreaking as Tim Cook thinks, but this is a genuine step forward for the iPhone. The size feels just right it's bigger but without feeling bulky and the handling of existing apps is not nearly the problem some were fearing. Some will complain that much of the excitement comes from the software Passbook, the Maps app, and the neat panorama feature all look like great additions but that's just progress. If the older phones get them too, that's good, right?


Although it may not be a major step forward in the eyes of some, the iPhone 5 brings plenty of new features to the table including a 4in Retina display, and of course 4G connectivity. Stay tuned for a full review soon.

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