Windows 8 launch day doubts surface

Intel and Gartner outline their concerns about the forthcoming release of Microsoft's next operating system.

Windows 8

The forthcoming release of Microsoft Windows 8 has prompted industry watchers to outline some of their concerns about the software giant's revamped operating system.

Intel chief Paul Otellini is understood to have told employees that the overhauled OS is being released before it is ready and that further improvements to the software will be required.

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IT leaders are questioning whether Windows 8 will suffer a similar fate to Vista.

Otellini is reported to have made the comments in an address to employees at an event in Taiwan, according to a report on Bloomberg.

This is not the first time the launch day readiness of Windows 8 has been called into question. IT Pro revealed earlier this year that fears were growing that the tablet version of the software may not be ready in time for its release date.

Furthermore, market watcher Gartner claims Microsoft is taking a "big gamble" with Windows 8, as the revamped OS could struggle to win favour with risk-adverse CIOs.

"Making radical changes to Windows poses a risk for Microsoft as organisations like to...deploy mature, stable, well-supported products," said the analyst firm in a statement.

"The bottom line is, IT leaders are questioning whether Windows 8 will suffer a similar fate [to Vista]."

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The software's new and distinctive user interface has been picked up by Gartner as a potential stumbling block for IT decision makers, with the company describing it as "probably the most controversial decision Microsoft has made" with Windows 8.

"The result is an OS that looks appropriate on new form factors of PC hardware including tablets, hybrids and convertibles, but has people questioning its appropriateness for traditional desktop and notebook machines," stated Gartner.

If Windows 8 does turn out to be a success, Gartner said this could make life harder for IT departments.

"There will be many new device form factors to choose from and users may have very different needs and likes from one another," warned Gartner.

"Some will still want to use an iPad and a traditional notebook and others may want different, new devices...[and] this makes it harder for IT to buy and support PCs the way they have for the past 20 years."

Microsoft Windows 8 is set to go on sale on 26 October.

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