Citrix Synergy 2012: Citrix CEO Mark Templeton hails "industrial revolution" of cloud

Virtualisation giant's CEO claims cloud is approaching the "industrial revolution" of its development.


Existing product enhancements, complemented by a new cloud delivery project and Cisco collaboration will drive Citrix's strategy over the coming year, according to the virtualisation giant's CEO Mark Templeton.

During his keynote address at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona yesterday, Templeton said cloud is now entering a phase equivalent to the industrial revolution.

"We are moving from a cottage industry to automated mass production. If we were to compare the blueprints of our datacentres across this entire crowd, there would not be two alike ... [and] that is what cottage industry is about," Templeton said.

We are moving from a cottage industry to automated mass production.

However, while the cottage industry phase is not a problem while everyone else is in it, once one person moves to automation and mass production, everyone has to adapt to survive. And this, he claimed, is what is happening in the cloud right now.

"I think [consumerisation and industrialisation] are multiplying forces and when you put them together you get a massive business differential over and above traditional computing," Templeton added.

One of the major updates announced by Templeton during the keynote was the availability of desktop virtualisation offering Citrix Receiver on all operating systems, rather than just Windows.

"As we look forward, look into the cloud era where computing is going ... we have got a bigger agenda now to not only Windows in the traditional sense and in the new sense, but also Apple's technologies, Google's technologies, and HTML 5," Templeton explained.

Citrix Receiver allows work apps to be securely installed on employee-owned mobile devices, preventing them from sharing data with other, unsecure consumer apps on the smartphone or tablet.

It also enables remote wiping should the item be stolen or the employee leave the company.

Templeton also announced the launch of XenClient Enterprise, which is optimised to support the growing array of Ultrabooks on the market.

He told delegates the technology "will be part of the next wave of consumerisation, driving huge uptake in these Ultrabooks."

Existing XenClient Desktop customers have also been automatically given a license for XenClient Enterprise, he added.

Two other key announcements were made during Templeton's presentation, included Project Avalon, and a new collaboration with Cisco which aims to make it easier for companies to move to the cloud.

"We are going to keep looking into the future, because as we look into the future, we see amazing possibilities that are still undiscovered," Templeton concluded.

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