Deploying BlackBerry Server 4.1

Guy Matthews take a step-by-step look at adding BlackBerry push email functionality to your mail server.

Many people now rely on a BlackBerry as an integral part of their working day. In a short time, the devices have become both an indispensable tool for mobile workers, and a useful way for employers to be sure that these workers are kept connected to their inboxes and in touch with events.But as the BlackBerry's use has grown, so IT managers' needs have grown too, says David Heit, Senior Product Manager for Research in Motion, the maker of the devices. "IT admins need the BlackBerry to be as manageable as possible," he says. "Unlike mobile phones, where if there's a problem the user calls the carrier, with a BlackBerry they call their own IT helpdesk. This is why we've built new features into BlackBerry Server 4.1, to empower IT managers to fix the problem at the user end, remotely."

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The latest BlackBerry Server release comes in versions for Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise and IBM Domino to ensure it meets as many IT manager requirements as possible.



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