The future of business collaboration

The way we work is changing & so is the way we work together.

The increase in agile and flexible working hasn't lessened our need to directly collaborate with colleagues and clients; but with the right tools and technology, you can collaborate and communicate effectively in every situation.

With the latest mobile devices you can share, discuss and amend documents in the most natural manner, whether that be using a keyboard, a touchscreen or a digital pen. One-to-one collaboration has never been easier, turning anywhere into an effective meeting room. 

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But the meeting room itself is far from dead, it has just evolved into something altogether more effective and efficient. The HP Slice PC is the perfect partner for the modern meeting room. Not only is it a fully equipped Windows PC, but thanks to its modular design it can be turned into a fully featured conference call system, killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. 

Integrated Skype for Business support isn't the only trick that the HP Slice has up its sleeve for meetings, though. The Slice also supports Intel's Unite technology, which allows up to four attendees in a meeting to share the screen from their laptop with the Slice simultaneously.

With the HP Slice and Intel Unite, there's no need to be plugging cables into laptops, or swapping presentations between devices; everyone can simply connect directly to the Slice and throw their own desktop onto the main screen in the meeting room. 

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Meetings will never be a thing of the past, but with the right technology, unproductive meetings should be.

Find out if your business IT is ready for the future.

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