Amazon S3

data breaches

Printing company exposes 343GB of sensitive military data

The leak is the latest in a series of data blunders discovered by vpnMentor's web-mapping project
20 Mar 2020
data breaches

‘Huge’ data leak exposes thousands of consultants

Leaky S3 buckets held sensitive information including passport scans, personal details and financial documents
14 Jan 2020
Capital One
data breaches

Vodafone, Ford potentially targeted by Capital One hacker

Slack messages reveal data breach could be far worse than previously thought
1 Aug 2019
binary on a screen with words 'hacking attack'

Thousands of sites fall to Magecart 'spray and pray' attack

In another case of misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets, attackers will likely make a decent ROI despite low success rate
12 Jul 2019
AWS logo on black background
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS' Textract can read millions of files in a few hours

The machine learning-powered tool promises to be the most accurate for scalping data
30 May 2019
data protection

Facebook app leaked 540m user records on AWS server

Data trove thought to have been shared prior to Facebook's policy reforms
4 Apr 2019
data breaches

User error: Businesses expose 1.5bn sensitive files

Exposed confidential information is roughly 4,000 times larger than the Panama Papers leak
6 Apr 2018
Leaky bucket

100GB of secret NSA data found on unsecured AWS S3 bucket

The data related to a failed NSA cloud collaboration project
29 Nov 2017