digital transformation

UK economy hamstrung by digital skills gap

Speed of innovation and need for efficiency has left many businesses struggling to modernise
6 Sep 2019

Why VMware is acquiring Pivotal and Carbon Black

A surprise announcement on Thursday evening sees the company boost its security and container credentials
23 Aug 2019
Business strategy

Small tech firms bullied out of business

Disputed printer cartridge patents and a ban on Google Ads are driving out small tech firms, Stewart Mitchell discovers
14 Aug 2019
Server & storage

A deep-dive into AMD Epyc Rome: Meet the Zen 2 server chips

AMD has finally launched its second-gen Epyc processors, codenamed Rome. Here’s how the Red Team has built them
8 Aug 2019
Illustration of a code cloud raining over a city
cloud management

85% of companies now operating in a multi-cloud environment

Organisations are embracing the use of multiple clouds, but formal management is lagging
7 Aug 2019
Business operations

Constrained IT departments in danger of stunting growth

Mid-sized businesses are especially at risk, as complex issues challenge IT departments and budgets
6 Aug 2019
Merger and acquisition concept

Why HPE has swallowed MapR’s assets

The company continues to build its AI and big data credentials in a mutually beneficial deal
6 Aug 2019
EU commission flag
Policy & legislation

EU plotting to overhaul rules governing tech giants

The latest crackdown against harmful content may take a more centralised shape
24 Jul 2019
Iran cryptocurrency
digital currency

The turbulent politics of Iran's crypto mining debacle

Iranian government claims the industry is putting strain on the national power grid, but figures suggest something different
1 Jul 2019
HPE CEO Antonio Neri on stage at HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas in front of GreenLake text
Business operations

HPE Discover 2019: The future is 'as a service'

CEO Antonio Neri goes all in with consumption-based business model
19 Jun 2019
Aruba Networks Headquarters

Why HPE’s acquisition of Aruba has been a standout success

The “reverse integration” of two networking teams continues to yield hefty rewards four years on
14 Jun 2019
5G and Wi-Fi 6 keynote address
Network & Internet

Cisco Live reveals industry confusion over 5G and Wi-Fi 6

Cisco is keen to remind customers that one network tech will not replace the other
13 Jun 2019
password on posit note

Citrix clings to silver linings following 6TB data breach

The company says it has learned its lesson and is taking steps to improve password management
23 May 2019
Huawei building
Policy & legislation

US relaxes trade restrictions on Huawei, Ren 'uninterested'

90-day fix comes just 24 hours after Google complied with US blacklist
21 May 2019

Why did HPE buy Cray?

Is the tech giant branching out into new areas, or consolidating an existing strategy?
20 May 2019
cloud, money, costs, hand, pound, budget
Business strategy

5 reasons you should attend the UK Cloud Summit

The two-day London event will take take place on 21 - 22 May and feature a host of expert speakers
3 May 2019
Business strategy

Huawei's Q1 report: you don't have to be popular to grow

The company's consumer business is driving up the numbers while it keeps on securing more 5G contracts
23 Apr 2019
Picture outside the Paris stock exchange where the Orange Business Summit was held
Business strategy

Orange will co-innovate with businesses on its 5G network

Orange Business Services held its summit in Paris, shedding light on the company's vision of 5G for businesses
18 Apr 2019

Inkjet vs Laser printers

You should always use a laser printer for business right? Not necessarily.
12 Apr 2019
Image of social media apps on a smartphone screen
Policy & legislation

Regulator will fine big tech for spreading 'harmful content'

Draft proposals will see senior managers face criminal liability, while ISPs could block some services entirely
8 Apr 2019
The Facebook logo photographed with rope laid over it as if to resemble imprisonment
Policy & legislation

How policymakers plan to reign in the tech sector

From breaking up monopolies to GDPR-style fines, major players in public policy are having their say on regulating big tech
29 Mar 2019
Healthcare forms
Data & insights

What the NHS hopes to achieve with its data-sharing plans

More “granular” and standardised patient information could pave the way for seamless data-sharing
25 Mar 2019
GDPR logo held above a person's fingers as they are processing data
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Organisations have been blind to GDPR “business opportunity"

Obsession with headline-grabbing fines has eclipsed the benefits of new regulation
21 Mar 2019
Server & storage

MySpace’s migration mishap should be a warning to others

The social network’s woes illustrate the dangers of a poorly-planned migration
19 Mar 2019