Chris Hynes
Network & Internet

Dial-up to be defunct by 2010

Just four per cent of residential internet connections will be dial-up by the end of the decade.
26 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

European Commission to probe Google's DoubleClick deal

The European Commission will be looking into Google's proposed £1.4 billion takeover of online ad firm DoubleClick, amid competition concerns.
14 Nov 2007
Server & storage

Microsoft plans data centre for Ireland

The software giant is investing £237 million into a Dublin data centre, it's first outside the US.
7 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

Cisco launches prize for promising entrepreneurs

Cisco announces its new $10 million I-Prize, a competition searching for fresh business proposals.
31 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

Archived data affecting business operations

A new survey suggests companies are backing up too much information.
17 Oct 2007
Server & storage

Hitachi announce plans for 4TB desktop

A 1TB notebook drive and a 4TB desktop drive capable of holding a million MP3 tracks could be on sale by 2011, Hitachi has announced.
16 Oct 2007
Server & storage

Going green tops Gartner's 2008 IT trends list

Shifting to "Green IT" and unified communications are next year's top two trends, according to analyst Gartner.
11 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

Google acquires micro-blog Jaiku

Web giant Google continues is spending spree with the acquisition of Finnish start-up Jaiku, which specialises in RSS consolidation and information de…
10 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

Orange in the lead for Olympics contract

French-owned telco Orange is expected to be named an official sponsor for the 2012 London Olympics within the next few weeks.
9 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

German Ticketmaster site hacked, a daughter company of Ticketmaster has informed its customers that credit card information from 66,000 customers have been stolen throu…
8 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

IT assets a mystery to big business

Study uncovers the lack of knowledge chief information officers and chief financial officers from five separate countries have when it comes to their …
1 Oct 2007

EU starts capping phone roaming charges

New limits on mobile phone roaming call charges now apply in EU member countries, cutting the cost of making a roaming call to 34p a minute.
1 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

UPDATED: Microsoft announces new wave of web-based apps

Reacting to Google's growing efforts in the office software-as-a-service (Saas) market, Microsoft has announced a beta release of its latest Office Li…
1 Oct 2007

Forum calls for standard phone chargers

Mobile phone operators have called on manufacturers to use standard USB connectors to charge and connect their handsets.
24 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Google's DoubleClick deal under scrutiny

Google seeking European and American approval for its £1.5 billion takeover of online ad firm DoubleClick.
24 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Yahoo buys web email company Zimbra

$350 million purchase sees Yahoo get access to web email technology currently used by universities, ISPs and many mid-size businesses.
19 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Happy Birthday to the smiley face

The humble emoticon, which has spawned a multitude of different varieties and meanings in email and instant messaging, is 25 years old today.
19 Sep 2007
Business strategy

Microsoft's EU antitrust timeline

The legal battle between the Windows software maker and European regulators has been running for almost a decade. We look back at how it started, and …
17 Sep 2007