Clive Webster
Microsoft Windows

How to securely run Windows XP software

If you can't ditch that vital piece of XP software, you can now run it using a secure open source OS
10 Oct 2018

How to keep a laptop secure when you're on the go

Strong passwords aside, we take a look at the best, and cheapest, tools available for protecting your files
4 Jun 2018
Mobile Phones

iOS 9 Performance on iPhone 4s and iPad mini

Here’s why you shouldn’t upgrade your old devices to iOS 9
22 Sep 2015
Intel Sandy Bridge 2nd Generation Core processors

What’s so great about Intel’s Sandy Bridge?

Intel’s latest generation of processors, codenamed Sandy Bridge, was recently released to huge acclaim. Clive Webster investigates what all the fuss w…
1 Feb 2011
Server & storage

Intel says next gen Core 2 Duo is "ready to roll"

Executive vice president Sean Maloney claims that the chip giant is "very much ready to roll" with 45nm products.
6 Jun 2007