Dan Hatch
Ethical hacker

Getting inside the minds of ethical hackers

Dan Hatch gets to know some ethical hackers, learning what makes them tick and how they can help businesses by attacking them.
19 Jul 2011
Business deal
cloud computing

Relief for Lotus users as CIMtrek and CTS sign Google deal

The world's 180 million IBM Lotus users will be able to migrate to Google Cloud thanks to two UK firms.
16 May 2011
cloud computing
cloud computing

Safe in the cloud: McAfee launches cloud security platform

McAfee offers modules to help secure email, web and identity traffic between the office and the cloud.
10 May 2011
Green technology
cloud computing

How green is my data centre?

When Greenpeace criticised cloud for its energy inefficiency, the major players hit back. But can data centres really be green?
28 Apr 2011
Cloud storage
cloud computing

Dropbox's privacy commitment questioned

It’s popular because it’s cheap and simple to use, but just how secure are your Dropbox files?
20 Apr 2011
Cloud security
cloud computing

Security and lock-in still holds back the cloud

An IDC survey shows both those looking to the cloud and those who have leapt in feet first have similar concerns.
13 Apr 2011
Cloud computing
cloud computing

Iron Mountain abandons the cloud

Company withdraws its low-cost public cloud offerings to focus on more specialised services.
12 Apr 2011
Figures moving cloud blocks
cloud computing

'A lot at stake' in VMware's Mozy take-over, analysts warn

EMC's big Mozy spin-off has risks as well as synergies but analysts agree it's all about cloud consolidation.
6 Apr 2011
cloud computing

EMC moves Mozy to VMware to exploit 'synergies'

The cloud service from EMC has new owners in the shape of its partners, VMware.
5 Apr 2011
Cloud computing
cloud computing

Fujitsu debuts cloud consulting division

The company offers its advice to prospective cloud clients as the technology continues to gain momentum.
31 Mar 2011
Cloud computing
cloud computing

SMBs to flock to the cloud?

A Microsoft study indicates many SMBs are looking to get to the cloud in the next three years.
29 Mar 2011