Danny Bradbury
Microsoft Windows

PowerShell vs CMD: Unlocking the Power of Windows

We explore the power of Powershell, and why it's a worthy successor to the command line crown
30 Sep 2019
operating systems

Take command of your computer with a command line interface

A CLI might not be as pretty as a GUI, but it's significantly more powerful
25 Sep 2019
Business strategy

IT in Retail

Retailers need technology to increase both back-office efficiencies and customer convenience. How well are they using it?
3 Apr 2008

People and IT Security

When security specialists talk about IT security and threats, they normally have technology in mind. Sounds great, but unless you include people in yo…
19 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

Web operating systems

Web-based operating systems have a long and rich history, but only now are we starting to see some emerging projects that could be commercially viable…
8 Oct 2007
Server & storage

Dealing with e-waste

Old PCs never die, they just get sold on eBay or given to charity. IT PRO evaluates the options for companies wanting to get rid of their older tin.
15 Mar 2007
Server & storage

When system patches collide

Software patching has never been more complex or difficult. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.
5 Mar 2007

A look inside Vista security

Microsoft's Vista is supposed to be the most secure version of Windows yet. We see how it measures up.
3 Nov 2006
Server & storage

The benefits of software virtualisation

Advances in processing, storage and improvements in software tools are bringing virtualisation into the mainstream of enterprise computing
16 Oct 2006

To Beta or not to Beta?

Software beta testing could be dying out, or at least mutating into something unrecognisable.
8 Sep 2006
Server & storage

SOA explained

Businesses with monolithic software applications can become rigid and inflexible. SOAs can help make them supple again
19 May 2006