Darien Graham-Smith

Google Nest Wifi review: A solid improvement, but not for long

Seamlessly combines mesh Wi-Fi and smart speaker functions, but other solutions are faster and more versatile
14 Feb 2020

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019) review: Flipping brilliant

A superb laptop by any measure – its convertible design is simply the icing on the case
20 Jan 2020
A person using Microsoft Outlook on a tablet
email providers

The 11 best Outlook tips for increasing productivity

Want to become an Outlook expert? Here are the 18 best Outlook tips that can make handling your email and appointments quicker and easier
16 Oct 2019
wifi & hotspots

Asus RT-AX88U review: The next step in Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi 6 finally hits the mainstream, and it’s as fantastic as it is expensive
29 Jul 2019
Microsoft Windows

8 killer new Windows 10 features for 2019

Android phone mirroring, smoother updates and a sandbox to test suspicious files all come part of the latest Windows 10 refresh
24 Jun 2019
wifi & hotspots

The cable-free household is already here... if we want it

WiGig is a technology that missed the boat, but with a little push it could yet be transformative
25 May 2019
wifi & hotspots

AmpliFi Instant Home Mesh Wi-Fi review

Don't let the name fool you - this simple mesh system is ideal for small businesses
19 Apr 2019
wifi & hotspots

Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream review: A meaty slab of a router

This mammoth piece of hardware delivers the good when it comes to performance
27 Mar 2019

McAfee Internet Security 2019 review: Redemption at last

The old dog has finally learnt some new tricks
8 Mar 2019

Panda Free Antivirus review: Bamboo-zle the hackers

Panda remains our top choice for free AV protection, with a fresh look and less pushy reminders
6 Mar 2019

Avast Free Antivirus review: Capable but annoying

A feature-packed offering, but prepare to be peppered with prompts to upgrade
28 Feb 2019

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 review

We miss the Autopilot mode, but otherwise this 2019 update sticks to Bitdefender’s core strengths
22 Feb 2019
wifi & hotspots

Synology RT2600ac review

This router has one of the nicest web consoles around, with tons of nifty features to boot
19 Feb 2019

Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 review: Unbeatable value

Old reliable does it again, with supreme effectiveness, extensive features and minimal performance impact
12 Feb 2019
Microsoft Windows

It's time for Microsoft to deactivate its kill switch

Free software advocates warned us about the dangers of product activation - and they were right
12 Jan 2019
user experience (UX)

Is Google the best way to shop online? I’m not buying it

Google’s sponsored Shopping service lets users down – we should demand better
22 Dec 2018

Sooner or later, new tech turns us all into old fogeys

Computer systems are constantly evolving and changing; our brains, and our expectations, not so much
13 Oct 2018
Microsoft Windows

The best Registry hacks for fixing annoying Windows features

Some of the best tweaks you can safely make to the Registry to enhance your OS experience
24 Sep 2018
3D printing

Looking back, my 3D-printing dream was never a goer

In this increasingly cynical age, it's getting harder to buy into seductive visions of the future
22 Sep 2018
Microsoft Windows

A hacker's guide to the Windows Registry

Demystifying the Registry so that you can take full control of Microsoft's OS
10 Sep 2018

We needn't reinvent books – but they can be smarter

Calls to jazz up the humble book may sound naive, but we can create a better reader experience
8 Sep 2018
virtual private network (VPN)

IPVanish review: A very versatile and vibrant VPN

Slick and speedy, with in-depth options that techies will love, but note the lack of support for US Netflix
5 Sep 2018
wifi & hotspots

Tenda Nova MW3 review: Cheap but very cheerful mesh Wi-Fi

The cheapest mesh wireless kit we’ve come across: what it loses in speed, it makes up for in convenience
15 Aug 2018
Two Zyxel Multy X nodes
wifi & hotspots

Zyxel Multy X review: Screamingly fast mesh Wi-Fi

Wide coverage and great speeds for an attractive price
15 Aug 2018
email providers

Email isn't dying - it's about to show its true value

Instant messaging may be all the rage, but the advent of GDPR highlights the strengths of email
14 Jul 2018
operating systems

Apple might achieve what Windows 10 never could

Putting the same chips into MacBooks and iPhones opens up exciting possibilities
16 Jun 2018

Block viruses by all means, but leave the ethics to me

Security software has an important job, but it's hard to trust a tool that oversteps its role
19 May 2018
Server & storage

We're creating more data than we can cope with

The problem isn't just storage – it's how to organise and manage an ever-growing hoard of files
17 Mar 2018
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

Whatever happened to IPv6?

It was the talk of the town a few years ago, but we now appear to have enough IP addresses for everyone – what happened?
2 Mar 2018
Apple iPhone X held in the hand with colourful wallpaper

Is the iPhone X worth a grand? Only you can answer that

Don’t listen to the cynics: there’s nothing wrong with lusting after the latest shiny gadget
10 Feb 2018
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology DS216j review

For those who don’t want to pay for bells and whistles, this cost-effective little box covers all the basics
11 Jan 2018
solid state storage (SSD)

Getting Windows onto your new SSD

Whether you want to start afresh or migrate from an existing disk, here’s how to make the move
8 Dec 2017
solid state storage (SSD)

How to pick the perfect SSD for your needs and budget

Not all SSDs are created equal. If you’re choosing which drive to buy, there are several key points to consider
22 Sep 2017
network attached storage (NAS)

Can you put SSDs in a NAS?

Most NAS drives will accept SSDs as well as mechanical hard drives - but is it a good idea?
21 Sep 2017
network attached storage (NAS)

Two ports, no waiting? The pros and cons of link aggregation

Link aggregation sounds like an easy way to double your NAS speeds – but it’s not as simple as it sounds
20 Sep 2017