David Howell
IT regulation

Is IT regulation in the DARQ?

As distributed ledger technologies, AI, extended reality and quantum computing expand, how will we regulate these technologies?
29 Jun 2020

Only skin deep: The state of biometric security

Biometrics were supposed to solve the issue of identification once and for all. Are these systems reliable, accurate and secure?
17 Jun 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Is the IoT the saviour of the environment?

We are on the cusp of a connection revolution as IoT rapidly develops. Could this technology solve the climate change crisis?
23 May 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Do we need an algorithm police?

As algorithms move into their next phase of development with expanding AI, the need for regulation is becoming more apparent
22 May 2020
smart city

Smart Cities: Living in intelligent spaces

As communications networks expand and the built environment becomes intelligent, how will smart cities provide new ways of living and working?
17 May 2020

Are 5G and IoT really a match made in heaven?

These twin technologies are supposed to transform every aspect of our lives, but the reality is more complex
13 May 2020
Marketing & comms

Making the case for screenless content

From podcasts to audiobooks and spoken content, your business needs an audio strategy
6 May 2020
Network & Internet

Giving your business an edge

As 5G begins to take off, how can businesses prepare for their data and communications infrastructure moving to the edge of their networks?
14 Apr 2020
sales & CRM

What’s next for e-commerce?

Social media, mobile, e-payments, virtual sales forces, niche businesses and analytics are all converging to change how we shop
31 Mar 2020
business apps

Is there still an app for that?

Apps once drove the success of smartphones, but is it still worth businesses putting time and effort into app development?
26 Mar 2020
augmented reality (AR)

Mixed Reality: How to augment your IT

Augmented reality has been rapidly maturing. How will this technology transform businesses?
24 Mar 2020

Is the best cloud a small cloud?

As your business’ use of hosted services matures, a ‘boutique cloud’ could be an ideal service platform
19 Mar 2020

Achieving BYOD confidence

The use of personal devices in the workplace has been by turns feared and welcomed. Over 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone, where do we st…
12 Mar 2020
Business strategy

Building a digital nervous system for your business

How connecting the right technologies, strategies and people can help future proof your business
7 Mar 2020
Business strategy

Gamify your business growth

Gamification has continued to expand and evolve. Today, your business can gamify many processes and reap the rewards
18 Feb 2020
marketing automation

Marketing Automation Systems: A new age of marketing technology

Learn how MAS is the perfect use of your cloud deployment
20 Dec 2019

Inside the mind of a hacker

Understanding why cyber criminals want to attack your business should be a key component of your security strategy
11 Dec 2019
Robot chatbot employees in a call centre powered by AI
artificial intelligence (AI)

Is a bot your next employee?

As AI continues to evolve rapidly, will bots become an essential part of your business' workforce?
31 Oct 2019
One red employee under flashlight
data breaches

An inside job: The human factor of cybersecurity

Deploying the latest cybersecurity systems across your business is essential – but your staff could be the weakest link in your security
9 Sep 2019
machine learning

Replaced by an AI: Would you retrain for a new job?

The government is testing a scheme to support anyone who loses their job to an AI — will businesses and their employees embrace it?
4 Sep 2019

Why remote working could be your encryption blindspot

Despite many businesses already using encryption, the majority of policies lack complete coverage
22 May 2019
data management

How to get data destruction right under GDPR

When your business last disposed of its computers, were you sure all the data stored on them was safely and securely destroyed?
1 May 2019
digital transformation

What is Making Tax Digital and how does it affect you?

Now that MTD is here, we assess whether the government is doing enough to help businesses adjust to the new rules
2 Apr 2019
digital transformation

How to choose the right software for Making Tax Digital

Best practice advice for making the switch over to online accounting
20 Feb 2019
digital transformation

How to get ready for Making Tax Digital

What services are available and how do they interface with HMRC?
13 Feb 2019
digital transformation

How to future proof your business in an age of tech trends

Part two of our series examines the reasons why technology investment roadmaps often end in failure
16 Jan 2019
digital transformation

Is a lack of technology damaging your business?

Part one of our series looks at why enterprises often find themselves awash with outdated systems
9 Jan 2019
web development

Why Web 3.0's 'data democratisation' is a boon for business

GDPR wants to hand more power to data subjects, and Web 3.0 is gearing up to capitalise on that
22 Nov 2018
Network & Internet

What Web 3.0 means for data collection and security

Part 1 of this series looks at the role of IoT and machine learning in the development of a new web experience
14 Nov 2018
Data & insights

How blockchain is turning personal data into a currency

Should we be selling our data to the highest bidder, or is it all about 'value exchange'?
28 Sep 2018
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
data processing

Has GDPR changed the businesses-customer relationship?

In part one of our data series we examine the role of honesty in data collection
12 Sep 2018
Business operations

What Open Banking means for the security of our money

The third and final part of our fintech series looks at the battle between innovation and regulation in the fintech space
15 Aug 2018
Business operations

Open source is 'fuelling an explosion in fintech innovation'

Part 2 of our fintech series looks at the technology giving startups an advantage over traditional banks
8 Aug 2018
Business operations

What the rise of fintech startups means for your business

Part 1 of our fintech series examines how the payments industry is evolving in the face of new demand
1 Aug 2018
open source

Is open source open for business?

Why businesses are increasingly ditching proprietary vendors in favour of the open source community
2 Jul 2018