Jim Martin
The Blackberry Bold 9900

How To Use Blackberry Management Center

Smaller businesses don't need an expensive server to manage their BlackBerry phones - the free Blackberry Management Center can do the job as Jim Mart…
12 Dec 2011
Step 1: Dell PowerEdge 1955
Network & Internet

Business Ultraportable Laptops

Time was that choosing an ultraportable notebook for business meant sacrificing on performance and features, but no more. Jim Martin put eight ultrapo…
10 Oct 2011
The 3M MP180 is considerably larger and heavier than most pocket projectors.

3M MP180 Pocket Projector

The 3M MP180 has a touchscreen, apps and built-in WiFi - surely it's the perfect pocket projector? Unfortunately, Jim Martin discovers that it's far f…
23 Sep 2011
The LG Flatron IPS231P

LG Flatron IPS231P review

A big-name high quality IPS monitor at a bargain basement price? Surely there's a catch? Jim Martin gets squinting to find out.
12 Jul 2011
A hard disk
data controller

How to recover and restore deleted or damaged files

If you've accidentally deleted a file or you have an office full of corrupted hard disks, there's no need to panic. It may still be possible to recove…
5 Jul 2011
A fire damaged server from the University of Southampton
Server & storage

Miracle Workers: rescuing data from the jaws of disaster

Even if you've dropped your laptop or your server has been set on fire, all hope is not lost. Data recovery companies such as Kroll Ontrack could stil…
24 Jun 2011
The Acer U5200 with its pop-up mirror standing to attention

Acer U5200 review

Acer's new projector has more features than you can shake a laser pointer at, from 3D to network management, but are these actually of any use to busi…
13 May 2011
The Internet Explorer 9 logo
web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 review

The latest version of Microsoft's web browser is finally out of beta, but is it really that much better than Firefox or Chrome?
15 Mar 2011
The Internet Explorer 9 logo
web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 review

The latest version of Microsoft's web browser is finally out of beta, but is it really that much better than Firefox or Chrome?
15 Mar 2011
The Philips PicoPix PPX1020

Philips PicoPix PPX1020 review

A handheld projector for just £162 - a bargain or a false economy? Jim Martin takes a closer look in our review.
25 Jan 2011
The Samsung SP-H03 in hand

Samsung SP-H03 review

Finally, a pocket-sized projector worth buying.
19 Jan 2011
The ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED

ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED review

ViewSonic's latest monitor is reasonably priced and its energy-saving LED backlight can help cut running costs, but does it also have good image quali…
4 Oct 2010
The Samsung F10M projector and its remote control

Samsung F10M review

Samsung's new LED projector has low running costs, but is this enough to earn it a place in your office? Read our review to find out.
27 Sep 2010
The Samsung SyncMaster BX2240

Samsung SyncMaster BX2240 review

Samsung's latest 22in LED monitor isn't as cheap as the competition, but before you dismiss it out of hand, read our review to find out why it's actua…
9 Sep 2010
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology Disk Station 409slim review

Synology's latest NAS goes on a diet by using 2.5in drives rather than regular 3.5in models. We see if it still has enough beef to impress.
2 Jul 2009
Server & storage

LaCie 5big Network review

There's no doubt that LaCie makes the coolest looking storage products, but can its boxes measure up for performance, feature and value?
27 Apr 2009