Keri Allan

Have coronavirus conspiracies damaged the rollout of UK 5G?

5G was already the target of health scares and rumours – the eruption of COVID-19 has only made it worse
7 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Computer vision – have you seen the light?

From detecting tumours to identifying wear in machines, computer vision can help improve our world – but not everything is plain sailing
6 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

What is Tiny AI?

Listed as one of MIT Technology Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2020, this version of AI is set to make a real difference in solving importan…
20 May 2020
energy efficiency

How can we deal with digital pollution?

Data may seem ethereal, but everything from the biggest cloud to a single unopened email has an environmental cost
10 May 2020
cyber security

Do you have visibility of all your machine identities?

SSH manipulation has become mainstream, presenting a real threat to businesses. Here's how to protect yourself
6 Apr 2020
Careers & training

How technology is changing the role of the manager

A changing tech landscape will require managers to keep on top of not only their team's skills and training, but their own, too
1 Apr 2020
cyber security

Ensuring cyber security during mergers and acquisitions

A lack of due diligence when bringing two companies together can lead to major IT and security issues down the line
13 Feb 2020
chief information officer (CIO)

CIOs are taking their seat at the boardroom table

Once the poor relation of the C-suite, IT leaders have an increasingly important strategic role to play
17 Jan 2020
Business strategy

Do we need to improve diversity within cyber security?

We take a look at the industry's ongoing struggle with gender representation and the initiatives helping to create change
16 Dec 2019
enterprise security

What is DevSecOps and why is it important?

This new flavour of DevOps is helping organisations rapidly implement security by design
27 Nov 2019

What are the biggest career trends in cyber security?

We take a look at where the jobs are, who are the top employers and the most sought-after skills
28 Oct 2019
powering digital skills
Careers & training

How to make yourself irreplaceable in tomorrow’s job market

What skills do IT professionals need to help them weather tech disruption in the workplace?
14 Oct 2019
disaster recovery (DR)

Why cloud should be part of your disaster recovery strategy

Cloud-based solutions can help support businesses of all sizes through unplanned downtime
7 Jun 2019
IT infrastructure

What is driving the rise of hyperconverged infrastructure?

A look at the buzz around HCI, its best and worst use cases, and what the future may hold for the framework
31 May 2019
AWS logo
public cloud

Data visibility: The biggest problem with public clouds

Being unable to see your data leaves you open to data breaches, performance issues and unnecessary costs. So what needs to be done?
14 May 2019
digital transformation

Developing effective strategies in the Industry 4.0 age

Overinvestment, lack of understanding and poor leadership are undermining efforts to modernise
30 Apr 2019
social media

How a social media network could bring down your business

Employees are devoting more than three hours per week to sites proven to be hotbeds of malware
26 Apr 2019
Careers & training

How to deal with generational differences in the workplace

As businesses gear up for Industry 4.0, age is quickly becoming the main factor in workplace conflict
12 Apr 2019
professional development

2019's highest-paying IT certifications

We take a look at the most lucrative certifications and assess what difference these will make to your CV
1 Apr 2019

Should you still care about cryptocurrencies?

The business case for Bitcoin never quite materialised, and chances are it never will
6 Mar 2019
hybrid cloud

2019 will be the year cloud-native becomes the new norm

Although many companies will continue to struggle with cloud security and talent shortages
8 Jan 2019
Careers & training

What will the job seeker market look like under Google?

Some experts say Google's standardisation is great for the industry, although concerns remain over competition
10 Aug 2018
hybrid cloud

'Full cloud is Netflix, bursting is just boring old iPlayer'

Despite growing interest in the public cloud, universities remain split over the efficacy of 'bursting'
12 Jul 2018
unified communications (UC)

Businesses 'should already be on their journey to UCaaS'

With the unified communications market on the rise, experts urge companies to shift towards an 'as-a-service' approach
19 Jun 2018
Business strategy

How wearable tech is helping to save lives

The combination of smart devices, patient-facing apps, and cloud analytics is helping to slash hospital admissions
30 Apr 2018
machine learning

Pushing cloud AI closer to the edge

The popularity of AI services means cloud-only processing is no longer enough
12 Apr 2018