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cloud management

Google Transfer Service launched for those handling enormous data migrations

Enterprise customers can transfer billions of files at once with the firm's latest tool
13 Dec 2019

Microsoft to scrap Security Essentials when Windows 7 reaches end-of-life

Businesses will have to seek out an alternative to the free antivirus platform by Jan 2020
13 Dec 2019
girl having her face scanned

Campaigners block use of facial recognition and ICE access to data

A long-running programme in San Diego has been halted amid privacy concerns and claims of bias
12 Dec 2019
GDPR readiness
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

German telecoms firm slapped with €10m GDPR fine

People could access sensitive customer data in some cases by only providing a name and date of birth
12 Dec 2019
Chrome browser logo
web browser

Latest Chrome release offers breach password check and tab freezing

Version 79 rolls out a suite of security features as well as tools like back-forward cache
11 Dec 2019

Patch issued for critical Windows bug

The two-part Chrome exploit is also associated with Operation WizardOpium
11 Dec 2019

What is DiskPart?

How to keep your data safe from unstable software
10 Dec 2019

Microsoft launches Office 365 phishing campaign tracker

The firm hopes customers will be able to more closely monitor and contextualise email threats
10 Dec 2019
Business strategy

Ex-Apple CPU architect accuses the firm of invading privacy

Gerard Williams III, who left in February, is being sued for breach of contract when he started new firm Nuvia
10 Dec 2019

Apple’s Mac Pro powerhouse available to order in December

The system has an entry-level price tag of $5,999 and was originally due to be released in Autumn 2019
9 Dec 2019
Microsoft Windows

This exploit could give users free Windows 7 updates beyond 2020

The tool, built to bypass extended support eligibility checks, was successfully tested on a dummy Windows 7 update
9 Dec 2019
public sector

The 2019 election campaign reveals rocky prospects for UK tech

We examine how the major and minor UK parties are pledging to boost skills, invest, and regulate tech giants
7 Dec 2019

Apple admits iPhone 11 ‘overrides settings’ to track users’ locations

A tracking feature is still enabled after users switch off all location tracking for apps and system services
6 Dec 2019
data protection

UK-US data flow agreement could involve watering down standards

Leaked documents suggest the Privacy Shield will eventually make way for a much deeper trans-Atlantic relationship
6 Dec 2019
cyber security

Labour MP ‘targeted by Russian phishing campaign’

Putin critic claims he received malware-loaded documents that claimed to reveal disinformation efforts
5 Dec 2019
Three women at work
Careers & training

Proportion of women in tech roles ‘flatlining’

Although women now occupy a million STEM roles, the percentage of women in tech has barely risen since 2009
5 Dec 2019
Mobile Phones

Pablo Escobar's brother launches budget foldable phone

The Escobar Fold 1 features a 7.8” flexible AMOLED display and will be shipped worldwide from $349
4 Dec 2019
Policy & legislation

Boris Johnson commits to UK tech tax despite US pressure

Trump warned this week that 100% tariffs would be slapped on French goods if its own tax plans went ahead
4 Dec 2019
Policy & legislation

Businesses urged to continue IR35 preparations despite Conservative review pledge

Conservatives promise to review plans after opposition parties attack tax rule changes
3 Dec 2019
cyber security

Millions of text messages leaked through exposed TrueDialog server

Database of 604GB included unencrypted passwords and the contents of SMS messages
2 Dec 2019
data processing

Google's data collection to be scrutinised by EU antitrust investigators

The firm faces another probe into its business practices following US investigations in September
2 Dec 2019
augmented reality (AR)

Microsoft patents next-gen cooling tech for foldables and HoloLens

Several new designs outline systems in which heat feeds through vapour chambers embedded into displays
29 Nov 2019
Internet search
data protection

What is the 'right to be forgotten'?

Everything you need to know about the EU's data-removal ruling
28 Nov 2019
data breaches

Adobe discloses Magento Marketplace data breach

The e-commerce platform was taken offline after a hacker accessed customer data and commercial information
28 Nov 2019

NSO Group workers sue Facebook for blocking private accounts

The action comes after WhatsApp sued the firm for its alleged role in the Pegasus video hack
27 Nov 2019

Dell slashes 2020 forecast over chip shortage fears

Dip in revenue expected despite device sales rising in the previous quarter
27 Nov 2019
Careers & training

Interest in UK tech roles slips amid Brexit crisis

Fears mount over UK skills shortfall as searches for European tech roles continues to boom
22 Nov 2019
Google 'G' sign on phone in dark room
digital marketing

Google will limit targeted advertising ahead of the UK general election

Deepfakes and misleading information will be explicitly banned, while ad targeting will be restricted
21 Nov 2019
Hacked camera

Facebook and Google data harvesting ‘violates human rights’

Amnesty International report rails against tech giants for creating a “golden age of surveillance”
21 Nov 2019
Mobile Phones

Oppo Reno2 review: A mid-tier marvel

High-end features in this cheap and cheerful handset outweigh its shortcomings
20 Nov 2019
TSB logo
digital transformation

TSB’s IT disaster pinned on ‘big bang’ approach to migration

There was a lack of oversight on the ‘unprecedented’ migration, but the bank has hit back against the report
20 Nov 2019
cloud deployment

Surge in multi-cloud adoption reveals wider challenges

Businesses are most occupied with security and ensuring they have the right expertise in managing emerging cloud environments
20 Nov 2019
IT regulation

Iran shuts down the internet to clamp down on fuel price protests

Unprecedented network blackout approaches three days as citizens revolt against fuel hike
19 Nov 2019
Domain Name System (DNS)

Microsoft embraces DNS over HTTPS to secure the web

Developers advocate benefits of encrypted traffic but are likely to encounter anger from ISPs
19 Nov 2019
digital transformation

‘Sluggish British businesses’ should learn from the French

Poor productivity and lack of investment in emerging tech are holding back UK businesses, experts warn
18 Nov 2019