Lindsay James
Careers & training

How the autistic population could solve the tech industry’s biggest challenge

The neurodiverse population might not only help fill the skills gap, but bring a raft of unprecedented benefits – and big names like SAP and IBM are a…
22 Jun 2020

Will 5G transform the connected car market?

5G presents new revenue opportunities for much of the automotive ecosystem, but there’s mixed opinion on when it will start influencing the connected …
26 May 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Why humans and machines work better together

Humans and machines have divergent skill sets that, when combined, can transform the way we work
9 May 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How AI as a service is changing the game for business

While artificial intelligence offers many opportunities, its implementation can require time, money and resources that many organisations cannot spare…
5 May 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

The rise of the robot

Autonomous machines are moving from factories and warehouses out into the world
4 May 2020
digital transformation

Changing the Games: Why Tokyo 2020 will be the most technologically advanced Olympics yet

Japan is hoping to amaze athletes and fans alike at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with a host of cutting-edge innovations. Can it deliver on its p…
23 Mar 2020

What is hyperautomation and how will it transform business?

This new way of managing and executing processes and tasks promises to shake up every business sector
18 Mar 2020
Business operations

Seeing double: The rise of the digital twin

Industrial giants are pioneering the use of this technology to optimise maintenance, improve operations and generate cost savings
21 Oct 2019