Marcus Austin
Network & Internet

How to cheat your way to the top of is a social media news aggregator and the doorway to hundreds of thousands of influential users and hence instant web popularity. But how do …
2 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

A 404 error is a sales opportunity

Web error pages are losing companies millions in lost revenue, are yours up to scratch?
18 Dec 2006
Network & Internet

Major search engines dominate UK web traffic as ecommerce

Google heads up UK traffic figures while retailers including Woolies and Play rack up big gains.
22 Nov 2006

Users leak vital data when using hotspots

Nearly 80 per cent of mobile Wi-Fi users send personal and work information without encryption, and 37 per cent confess to using unknown open connecti…
20 Nov 2006
Policy & legislation

US legislation may force companies to save all voicemail

New legal amendment requires companies to have the capability to retain and recover voicemail for legal disclosure.
14 Nov 2006
Network & Internet

Google grabs 78 per cent of UK search market

New figures from Hitwise show Google and Yahoo making big advances in the search market, but organic results rather than paid results are still the be…
14 Nov 2006

Spam at epic levels

Huge surge in amount of spam in October and it looks like it's going to get worse.
10 Nov 2006
Network & Internet

Consumers influenced most by online advertising

A new report reveals over 77 percent of consumers look online before they buy offline
30 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

Australian spammer fined millions for 280 million emails

An Australian court has fined a spammer A$5.5 million (£2.23 million) for sending over 280 million spam emails.
30 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

Actinic Business Version 8.0

For more than ten years Actinic has been one of the UK's most popular e-commerce packages. It has survived where many have failed, and the reason it's…
30 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

Internet Explorer 7 gets the phishing bug

IE7 has been out less than a week, and already two potential security problems have been found.
27 Oct 2006

EMC hit by security lapse

EMC fails the 'practice what you preach' test despite buying top security firm
25 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

New features for has made extensive changes to its on-demand CRM application and added new additional applications to its range of products.
12 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

Google marketing via

New features for will enable businesses to calculate where their online marketing budget is most effective.
10 Oct 2006
Network & Internet

Web 2.0 gets results

Web 2.0 sites have often been dismissed as just a passing fad but a recent survey by Comcast shows user-generated content to be a real money spinner.
21 Sep 2006
Network & Internet

.EU registrar admits to tens of thousands of scams over .eu

Eurid accuses 400 companies of illegally profiting from .eu registrations in domain name land grab and suspends 74,000 accounts
24 Jul 2006
Network & Internet

How to avoid search engine blacklisting

IT Pro Guide: Get SEO right and you can guarantee your website a steady stream of search engine-generated traffic. Get it wrong and you could irrevoca…
18 May 2006
Network & Internet

AJAX - web applications the easy way

IT Pro Guide: It's not a cleaning product, or a hero from classical civilisation... so what is it? Marcus Austin delves into the detail behind AJAX, o…
18 May 2006
Network & Internet

Blogging for business

IT Pro Guide: Marcus Austin explains why blogs are good for business and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls associated with giving employees their ve…
18 May 2006
Network & Internet

Denial of service attacks

IT Pro Guide: A denial of service attack can happen at any time. It can destroy your server and your reputation overnight. You can't stop it, but you…
13 Apr 2006