Matt Whipp
Network & Internet

UK salary payments hit by glitch at APACS

Hundreds of thousands of wage payments due to be paid into accounts today will not arrive on time thanks to a BACS database problem.
30 Mar 2007

Cursor flaw exposes Windows to malicious code threat

Flaw exposed, with no fix available, whereby malicious code can be installed under the guise of an animated cursor.
30 Mar 2007
Business strategy

Dell beefs up pre-installed Linux options in response to

The computing giant has announced that it plans to expand its range of laptops and desktops with the Linux operating system pre-installed, following u…
29 Mar 2007
Server & storage

Free Software Foundation publishes third GPL draft

The FSF has published the third draft of the third version of the GNU General Public License, which would outlaw agreements like the one Microsoft rec…
29 Mar 2007

Ofcom unveils new mobile price controls

The regulator has introduced a four-year control on the amount mobile phone companies charge for connecting calls between networks.
27 Mar 2007

Researchers develop high-capacity sugar-based batteries

US university techies come up with a biodegradable battery cell that can run on sugar, lasts four times longer than a lithium-ion battery on a single …
27 Mar 2007
Network & Internet

UK and US plays host to most malicious code

Despite cybercrime legislation, the UK and US are still the most popular spots to host malicious code, according to experts.
26 Mar 2007
Network & Internet

Strato's online shop of shops open for business

Strato launches online web shop service where you can start a business for as little as £1.
23 Mar 2007

Symantec warns that the public sector faces growing

The latest Threat Report from Symantec highlights that government organisations are increasingly at risk.
19 Mar 2007

BT offers MAC lifeline for Biscit customers

BT Wholesale has come to the rescue of stranded Biscit users by setting up a hotline to issue the MAC codes necessary for them to quickly move to anot…
19 Mar 2007
Server & storage

CeBIT 2007: Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 5

New version of Red Hat's enterprise-level Linux distribution goes on general release, offering users revised pricing and a host of new features.
14 Mar 2007
Network & Internet

Microsoft OpenXML format gets ISO approval

Microsoft's Office OpenXML formats are set for a fast track standardisation process after receiving the initial go-ahead.
13 Mar 2007
Network & Internet

Internet users feel the limit of "unlimited" broadband

All-you-can-eat broadband not quite as billed as ISPs put the squeeze on heavy users.
12 Mar 2007
Network & Internet

161bn gigabytes of data generated in 2006

Amount of digital data generated last year would require more than a few iPods to store it all on.
6 Mar 2007

Vista "no security cure-all" - Symantec

Anti-virus company claims much of Vista's new features have been influenced by open source efforts.
1 Mar 2007

OneCare gets security patch from Microsoft

Microsoft stays one step ahead of rivals, fixes OneCare before flaw details spread to rivals.
16 Feb 2007
Network & Internet

Remote workers vulnerable to pharming, Symantec warns

Drive-by pharming route users to fake websites as hackers attack wireless routers.
16 Feb 2007
Network & Internet

Microsoft accuses IBM of Office standards sabotage

The software giant has published an open letter accusing Big Blue of trying to sabotage its plans to have the Office Open XML specification accepted b…
16 Feb 2007
Server & storage

IBM doubles chip performance, triples processor memory

New IBM technology breakthrough could improve chip performance by putting eDRAM memory on processors.
15 Feb 2007
Network & Internet

Red Hat preps JBoss Windows alliance

Red Hat joins the Interop Vendor Alliance in a bid to get its JBoss app server software working properly with Windows.
13 Feb 2007
Network & Internet

DART targets interoperability on every device

New peer-to-peer technology could break down barriers between heterogeneous systems.
9 Feb 2007
Server & storage

New gadgets wreck the environment

Greenpeace report finds our love of gadgets is costing the earth.
8 Feb 2007
Business strategy

Office Open XML format falls foul of ISO process

Microsoft's bid to have its file format for Office fast tracked through the ISO standardisation process has hit the buffers following numerous objecti…
7 Feb 2007
Business strategy

Uptake for Vista OS slower than expected

Figures from research firm put installed base for new Microsoft OS at just 0.18 per cent.
6 Feb 2007
Network & Internet

€1.2bn EU fund for technology research announced

The EU is to make €1.2bn available in R&D funding for technology projects and has issued a call for applicants.
1 Feb 2007

Asia harbours half of world's zombies

Latest DDoS report finds half of the world's bots are found in Asia.
29 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

Google Groups adds new features

Google Groups, the company's collaboration system, has left its beta status behind.
26 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

Online content revenues set to surge

There's gold in that there online content, according to an EC study, but broadband penetration, piracy and DRM remain a hindrance.
25 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

Sun and Intel agree deal on Solaris

New engineering and marketing deals to include distribution license for Intel on Solaris platform.
23 Jan 2007

Storm worm causes weekend of trouble

Criminal gang behind Storm worm wreaks havoc for computer users over weekend.
22 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

Microsoft to advise House of Lords on net security

Microsoft experts called before committee to give evidence on net security and co-operation
15 Jan 2007
Business strategy

Education body fails to justify Vista upgrade

Becta report on the use of Microsoft products in UK schools and colleges, and finds little reason to support investment in upgrades to Vista and Offic…
11 Jan 2007

Sophos unveils web filtering appliance

Sophos launches content security, application control and URL filtering in one box.
10 Jan 2007

January security updates for Windows, Office and Visual

One critical vulnerability for Windows as its receives three security bulletins.
5 Jan 2007
Network & Internet

Old Gordon Moore's 2007 Almanac

We all know transistor density doubles every 18 months, but we thought we'd apply our density to predict the future tech trends and milestones to look…
28 Dec 2006