Matthew Sparkes
Business strategy

Top 10 tips for green IT

We run down the top 10 ways to cut energy use and green up your business technology.
12 Nov 2008

Details of Dell's Netbook leaked online

Details of Dell's entry into the low-cost laptop market are leaked online, with a claim that we could see the device sooner rather than later.
19 Aug 2008

Open source licences hold up in court

An American court has ruled that open source developers can sue if the licensing terms are broken.
15 Aug 2008
public sector

Government wants to store all text, email and browsing data

The information will be used by police for crime fighting, but also other government bodies such as health authorities and the Post Office.
13 Aug 2008

iPhone has hidden 'kill switch'

Apple has the ability to remotely disable any applications installed on the latest version of the iPhone.
11 Aug 2008
Eee PC

Asus launches yet another Eee PC

The Eee S101 boasts an Atom processor, 64GB SSD and comes in at half the price of Apple’s MacBook Air.
8 Aug 2008

DNS researcher claims 35 ways to exploit flaw

Dan Kaminsky has told the Black Hat conference that the DNS security flaw is even worse than expected.
7 Aug 2008

Apple fixes DNS security flaw

Apple protects itself from a highly publicised DNS vulnerability which has the potential to severely hit browsers and operating systems.
1 Aug 2008

DNS protection not good enough, says researcher

Dan Kaminsky, the security researcher who first unveiled the DNS vulnerability, has said that systems administrators are not enough to protect users.
25 Jul 2008

Government admits data losses far higher than claimed

It looks like the Ministry of Defence weren't being completely forthcoming when admitting how many laptops it has actually lost.
22 Jul 2008
Network & Internet

Tech trouble corrupts London's Oyster cards

A server crash took out Transport for London's payment infrastructure yesterday, and left some people with damaged travel cards.
14 Jul 2008
Network & Internet

AVG solves fake traffic problem

After pressure from webmasters the antivirus company has implemented a fix for its ‘LinkScanner’, to solve the issue of ‘fake’ traffic flooding the in…
7 Jul 2008

Nvidia to miss profit targets

Production problems, reduced demand, and price challenges expected to hit Nvidia profit margins.
3 Jul 2008
public sector

E-vote lost London mayoral votes, group claims

Electronic voting used in the recent election that saw Boris Johnson elected London mayor mislaid or miscounted 41,000 ballots, the Open Rights Group …
2 Jul 2008
Network & Internet

Firefox version 3.1 expected this month

The next major version of the popular browser may be available as early as this month, hot on the heels of the 3.0 release.
1 Jul 2008
Network & Internet

Cable & Wireless expected to boost Thus bid today

Reports suggest Cable & Wireless will increase its offer for Demon Internet-owner Thus today.
30 Jun 2008

Virgin Media loses disc with bank details

Virgin Media data breach sees CD with banking information of 3,000 go missing.
24 Jun 2008
Network & Internet

Wi-Fi hotspots now in court

Courtrooms across the UK will be offering Wi-Fi access for solicitors as well as jurors and defendants.
27 May 2008
open source

Fall in open source errors boosts security

Open source software is becoming more secure, with the number of errors and security holes falling 16 per cent in two years, a new report has found.
22 May 2008

Next generation of OLPC laptop unveiled

The new XO laptop will feature dual touchscreens and a $75 target price.
21 May 2008
public sector

Government plans to store call, email details

A massive database to store call, email and browser session information is being considered to battle terrorism.
20 May 2008
Business strategy

Software to trap lying employees

Calling in sick for the day could become riskier as firms start to use lie-detecting applications.
19 May 2008
Network & Internet

MySpace promotes openness with data sharing scheme

MySpace attempts to revive slowing traffic by making its data openly available to sites such as Yahoo and eBay.
9 May 2008
Server & storage

Asus: Processor shortage to hit cheap laptops

A looming shortage of Intel's Atom processors will make it difficult for others to enter the low-cost portable laptop market, Asus has said.
1 May 2008
Network & Internet

US DoJ questions Google and Yahoo over ad deal

An advertising collaboration between the two search firms has drawn the attention of the US Department of Justice on anti-trust concerns.
24 Apr 2008
Network & Internet

Ofcom talks fibre-to-the-home

Government watchdog suggests it is set to make a deal with BT over a fibre broadband network in the UK.
18 Apr 2008
Network & Internet

Google cuts 300 DoubleClick jobs

The web giant will axe 300 jobs as well as the search marketing arm of DoubleClick, its latest acquisition.
3 Apr 2008
Server & storage

Credit crunch could hit banks' IT budgets

The CBI believes that IT spending will fall in the UK financial sector.
1 Apr 2008
Network & Internet

Think-tank calls Phorm intrusive and illegal

A day after web leader Sir Tim Berners Lee slammed the controversial online advertising system, the Foundation for Information Policy Research has sai…
18 Mar 2008
Network & Internet

Yahoo buys time against Microsoft bid

Yahoo extends board nomination deadline in bid for more time to find alternatives to Microsoft's still-looming acquisition bid.
6 Mar 2008
Network & Internet

Google tipped as UK's biggest ad channel

The search giant has overtaken TV channels such as ITV and Channel 4 to become the largest advertising channel in the UK, according to an analyst.
20 Feb 2008

Elonex to announce £99 Eee PC rival

UK computer company to launch sub-£100 notebook for the education sector, going head-to-head with Asus' Linux-based Eee.
18 Feb 2008
Server & storage

Almost half a million unlocked iPhones in China

China Mobile is claiming some 400,000 unlocked iPhones are in use over there.
18 Feb 2008
Network & Internet

Yahoo stock moves closer to Microsoft bid level

The potential of a Microsoft takeover bid for Yahoo, let alone an improved offer has propelled the value of Yahoo's stock to almost match the $31 a sh…
8 Feb 2008
Server & storage

US to get single OLPC laptops

The group behind the low-cost laptop are to sell single units in the US in an effort to reach poorer American children, following the success of its "…
14 Jan 2008