Roland Moore-Colyer
customer relationship management (CRM)

What is CRM documentation?

CRM software can be transformative, but employees need the resources to get the best out of it
13 May 2020
Business operations

Coronavirus could cost telecoms operators $25bn in roaming revenue

The deep uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen Dell and VMWare pull their fiscal forecasts
27 Mar 2020

Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro might finally be a computer replacement

Trackpad support, a proper keyboard, plus iPadOS improvements, could make the iPad Pro a covetable business device
19 Mar 2020

Microsoft Edge branded as ‘worrisome’ for user privacy

Research claims the web browser sends telemetry data and URLs to back-end servers
18 Mar 2020
Policy & legislation

EU targets e-waste with ambitious ‘circular economy’ plan

But laws need to be brought in for the plan to have teeth
12 Mar 2020
digital transformation

AllSaints tackles malicious bots with Netacea machine learning tech

The UK-based global fashion brand is undergoing a significant digital transformation programme
10 Mar 2020
Business strategy

HP rejects Xerox's increased takeover bid

HP might deploy a poison pill plan to neuter any hostile takeover attempts
5 Mar 2020
Network & Internet

LTE vs 5G: What's the difference?

Assessing the latest networking technologies and their role in business
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Google parent Alphabet wants to protect the ocean with 'fish recognition'

The X experimental division’s Tidal team aims to make fish farming more sustainable with cutting-edge tech
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Bee-based AI software could power next-generation drones

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have generated an AI buzz by looking at how bees navigate
17 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

MIT develops AI tech to edit outdated Wikipedia articles

The technology uses machine learning to automatically spot and replace information, with the goal of aiding human editors
13 Feb 2020
cyber attacks

Apple Mac malware detections overtake Windows for the first time

MacOS is no longer a bastion against cyber threats
11 Feb 2020
cloud storage

Dropbox finally fills vacant COO role amid company transformation

Former Google Cloud exec Olivia Nottebohm replaces Dennis Woodside, who left the company 16 months ago
31 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Government releases guide for AI use in the public sector

It advises a careful and considerate approach to the tech, rather than rampant adoption
30 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

EU proposes data-centric single market to challenge US tech giants

EC wants European companies to have better access to the bloc’s vast quantities of data
30 Jan 2020
Internet of Things (IoT)

Government moves to ban weak default passwords on IoT devices

DCMS proposes a trio of security requirements that shore up millions of smart home gadgets
27 Jan 2020

Server virtualisation: What is it and what are the benefits?

Running virtual servers can help create a more efficient IT infrastructure
24 Jan 2020

Sky launches 5G network with free access for VIP customers

The telecoms company will piggyback on O2’s infrastructure to bring 5G to 20 UK cities
16 Jan 2020
digital transformation

Lloyd’s of London to plough £300m into digital transformation roadmap

The 330-year-old insurance market plans huge system modernisation
12 Dec 2019
Google Search
big data

Google reveals UK’s most searched for terms in 2019

People are seemingly more enraptured by consuming pineapples than registering to vote
11 Dec 2019
digital transformation

DfT seeks tech partner to help develop transport data mapping tool

Department hopes data can be used to better aid transport decisions and investments
11 Dec 2019
digital transformation

Boston Dynamics dog-like robots sniff out bombs for Massachusetts police

The four-legged Spot robot has been used to assist police with the investigation of dangerous environments
26 Nov 2019
Facebook AI
artificial intelligence (AI)

Facebook’s AI research aims to boost privacy

The system subtly distorts images in videos to hinder image recognition systems
29 Oct 2019
Binary data flow
Network & Internet

ARPANET’s first transmission is 50-years-old

The US Department of Defense project laid the foundations for today’s internet
29 Oct 2019
cyber attacks

What is network forensics?

Taking a closer look at how cyber threats are investigated at a network level
28 Oct 2019
digital currency

MasterCard and Visa abandon support of Facebook's Libra

The two payments specialists are joined by eBay and other financial firms in leaving the Libra Association
14 Oct 2019
Careers & training

The best US tech companies to work for (and why)

We peruse some of America's top-rated technology companies graded on Glassdoor
30 Sep 2019
Donald Trump
Policy & legislation

What has Donald Trump done for the tech industry so far?

Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office has been turbulent for technology
27 Sep 2019

What is multi-cloud?

With so many cloud offerings out there, it can pay to take a pick-and-mix approach
26 Sep 2019
performance speed
enterprise applications

What is application performance management (APM)?

How to seek out performance problems in apps used across an enterprise
12 Aug 2019
Driverless car
Network & Internet

UK Space Agency and O2 partner on high-speed network

A fast, high-bandwidth network will be needed to cope with the 4TB of data per hour driverless vehicles create
25 Jun 2019
Careers & training

MoD appoints first female chief scientific advisor

One success for women in STEM is followed by a plea for more female engineers
24 Jun 2019
software as a service (SaaS)

Salesforce will buy Tableau Software for $15.3bn

The CRM company sees the purchase as a means to pursue data-powered digital transformation opportunities
10 Jun 2019
5G graphic
Network & Internet

Three to launch London 5G network in August

The telco claims it will offer the “fastest 5G network in the UK” at more than double the speeds of its rivals
10 Jun 2019
Network & Internet

Government to create telecoms consumer advocate

The advocate will be separate from Ofcom and focus on telecoms services aimed at consumers
3 Jun 2019