Sandra Vogel
Business strategy

What should tech CEOs do in an economic crisis?

With organisations taking a hit from coronavirus and a recession on the horizon, now is the time for business leaders to take action to firm up their …
3 Jun 2020
Policy & legislation

What is anticipatory regulation?

This type of legislation aims to resolve the conflict between lumbering legislative process and rapidly evolving tech
1 Jun 2020

How can organisations protect themselves from NAS ransomware attacks?

This growing threat challenges assumptions about the vulnerability of backups
28 May 2020
fruit and veg
Internet of Things (IoT)

How food tech is transforming the food chain

From plant-based meats to recyclable packaging and more durable crops, food tech is quietly disrupting the way we produce food
18 May 2020

How much cloud is enough?

Optimum use of cloud depends on capacity, specialisation and a commitment to monitoring
22 Apr 2020
Business strategy

The consumerisation of IT continues apace – here’s how your business can benefit

BYOD may be a fact of business, but there are still more ways organisations can grow by embracing consumer tech
30 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Why transparency is key to promoting trust in artificial intelligence

Breaking open the black box with explainable AI is the first step in making the technology fairer for all
27 Mar 2020
machine learning

Is AI workplace monitoring helpful or harmful?

Clock cards and sign-in sheets have been replaced by algorithms that can predict working habits
24 Mar 2020
flexible working

Perfecting your remote working strategy

Flexible working is about more than just location
20 Mar 2020
flexible working

How businesses can make the most of flexible working

From decreased costs to employee wellbeing, technology has enabled greater flexibility in work and businesses are reaping the rewards
16 Mar 2020

Why predictive analytics is a top benefit of cloud for SMBs

Cloud isn't just about file sharing and collaboration. It offers powerful tools otherwise out of smaller organisations' reach
24 Feb 2020

What are data trusts and how do they work?

Could a new framework for storing and processing data rebuild consumer confidence?
11 Feb 2020
Business classroom with a woman talking about cyber security, blue padlock image on whiteboard
enterprise security

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?

We explore the options of who should be in charge of this increasingly important area
31 Jan 2020
business transformation

Do you really need to invest in new technology?

There's a difficult balance between adding complexity with little benefit and letting systems become outdated
20 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How AI can improve medical diagnosis

While your flesh and blood doctor isn't about to be replaced by a robot, artificial intelligence can support them in their job
15 Jan 2020
Windows 7
Microsoft Windows

What to do if you're still running Windows 7

Windows 7 is no longer supported, so you better upgrade, sharpish...
14 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How the driverless vehicles dilemma highlights wider system safety issues

The "trolley problem" is well known, but what are its wider implications for AI?
18 Dec 2019
Business strategy

Why a diverse workforce builds better products

From avoiding AI SNAFUs to increasing revenue, greater diversity means greater business benefits
13 Dec 2019
quantum computing qubit in superposition

What are the benefits of quantum computing?

This emerging technology promises to revolutionise computing, but we're some way from general availability
6 Nov 2019

How to build a comprehensive cyber security strategy

Thanks to digital transformation, securing data across the business is more challenging than ever
2 Oct 2019
Business strategy

Coworking spaces for startups - why should you use one?

With so many options to choose from, we offer some advice on how to choose the right location for your business
2 Sep 2019

Top tech considerations for startups

What do you really need to invest in as a young business?
19 Aug 2019
Merger and acquisition concept

How AI can simplify mergers and acquisitions

Artificial intelligence can help speed up M&A drudge work, but it's no cure-all
3 Jul 2019

ePrivacy Regulation: What is it and how does it affect me?

We look at the new rules designed to maintain user privacy in the digital age
21 Jun 2019
Silhouettes of team members in the background with a glowing technology style icon in the centre with white people icons
Business strategy

What's behind the boom in tech for social good?

This little-discussed area of the industry is riding a wave of societal and technological change
12 Jun 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

What the internet of things means for democracy

It's difficult to know what data is being collected and what is not, and that's only going to get worse
7 Jun 2019
cloud management

Signs that your cloud strategy is in need of a makeover

Regardless of cloud experience, every business should be regularly reviewing its cloud approach
23 May 2019
private cloud

Serverless cloud - Is it for everyone?

We take a look at the latest trend seeking to cut costs and ease deployment
4 Apr 2019
data processing

Our data is redefining the health insurance industry

Smartphones and wearables are blurring the line between healthcare and self-monitoring
18 Mar 2019
Careers & training

A look at some of the UK's best digital skills initiatives

We take a look at the programmes attempting to bridge the UK's growing skills gap
30 Jan 2019
enterprise security

Should employees be microchipped?

With the UK now becoming a target for the microchipping craze, we assess its feasibility as a business tool
2 Jan 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

Legislation is the only way to secure the IoT industry

Industry experts say the Government's Code of Practice will struggle to protect against unsafe devices from abroad
23 Nov 2018
machine learning

The ethical implications of conversational AI

With chatbots becoming part of daily life, we look at whether the right to data privacy is being impeded
5 Nov 2018
mergers and acquisitions

Tips for a successful tech M&A

Despite a company's good intentions, mergers and acquisitions can still be fraught with danger
29 Oct 2018
energy efficiency

Microgrids may be the solution to UK business energy demands

Since the government's 'Smart Power' push in 2016, the cost of entry for local energy generation has fallen sharply
26 Oct 2018