Simon Aughton
Google Apps
Network & Internet

Gmail set for offline access

Integration with Google Gears technology will make offline access to Google’s webmail service easier, as well as adding offline support to other Googl…
18 Jul 2008
Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard changes Apple’s enterprise spots

Next version of Mac OS X reveals long-overdue enterprise functionality including native Exchange support and improved multi-core processing support.
10 Jun 2008
Business strategy

EU hits Microsoft with new record fine

European regulators hit the Windows maker with another €899 million fine for failing to comply with its demands, bringing the bill to well over £1.6 b…
27 Feb 2008
Network & Internet

Internet Explorer 8 goes into private beta

Just over a year after the seventh version of Microsoft's web browser hit the streets, the next version has gone ito closed testing.
25 Feb 2008
Network & Internet

O2 offers iPhone users more minutes and texts

The mobile operator adds talk time and texts to iPhone tariffs, claiming it means users get more for their money.
29 Jan 2008

Report claims iPhone sales fell short in the UK

Sales figures for Apple's iconic smartphone miss O2's reported targets for the first two months of sale, missing by 10,000.
21 Jan 2008
Business strategy

Office 2008 Mac ships

Long-overdue update to the Mac Office suite brings revised user interface, improved Exchange server support and OOXML document formats, but VB support…
16 Jan 2008
Network & Internet

Russia wants Cyrillic web

Russian government wants to introduce Cyrillic version of the internet.
4 Jan 2008
Network & Internet

AOL pulls plug on Netscape browser

The browser that brought the web to prominence is set to be killed off, as current owner AOL wields the axe as users dwindle.
2 Jan 2008

Palm reports $9.63 million loss

Treo shipping delays, increased manufacturing costs and greater competition have dragged Palm into the red.
19 Dec 2007

Palm axes 10 per cent of staff to cut costs

Aggressive restructuring plan sees headcount slashed as embattled PDA maker focuses on long-term survival.
14 Dec 2007
Business strategy

Microsoft looks to put XP on low-cost laptops

Software giant wants to see its own operating system on the currently Linux-based laptops created for the developing world.
7 Dec 2007

EU launches mobile climate control application

Innovative mobile app calculates our effect on the environment.
4 Dec 2007

UK iPhone users report connectivity problems

Early-adopters of Apple's iPhone smartphone are reporting problems with signal and connection quality, but network operator O2 insists it is not at fa…
26 Nov 2007
Business strategy

Linux gains popularity on the desktop

The Linux Foundation's latest research shows that the open source OS is gaining momentum in the desktop world.
23 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

Hotmail founder launches Live Documents

Live Documents brings office applications to the web and, according to its creators, "does for documents what Hotmail did for email."
23 Nov 2007
Business strategy

Microsoft fires CIO

Following an internal investigation, Stuart Scott is dismissed for 'violation of company policies'.
7 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

Mobile firms join Femto Forum

The forum's popularity grows as mobile operators sign up to develop Femtocell technology.
7 Nov 2007

Leopard fails firewall tests

Researchers at Heise Security have said that firewall in Apple's newest OS was unable to prevent any incoming traffic, regardless of settings.
5 Nov 2007
Network & Internet

Google enhances Gmail with IMAP support

The company has added IMAP support to its Gmail service as well as improving AdSense management tools and introducing a new translation engine.
24 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

iPhone third-party apps support finally on agenda

Reports suggest that Apple is finally coming round to supporting third-party app install on the iPhone as an incentive to deter unlocking.
8 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

BT and FON aim for giant Wi-Fi community

The communications giant wants its customers to share Wi-Fi.
4 Oct 2007

New version of Palm OS set for next year

Palm boss insists delayed new version of Palm's own operating system is critical for the business, despite the success of its Windows-based models.
4 Oct 2007
Business strategy

Microsoft unusually quiet over EU appeal plans

Chief executive Steve Ballmer is staying silent for the time being over whether the company will fight the recent ruling over its EU-imposed fine.
3 Oct 2007

Losses for Palm despite high Treo sales

Analysts point to iPhone effect as record Treo smartphone sales not enough to boost Palm.
2 Oct 2007
Network & Internet

Ofcom casts doubt on future of fibre

UK regulator launches consultation looking at next-generation broadband, signalling that fibre-to-the-home is not necessarily the way forward.
26 Sep 2007

Unlocking an iPhone will damage it, Apple claims

Unlocking programs may "cause irreparable damage" to both the software and hardware, but is it just a scare tactic?
25 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

SEC asks Steve Jobs for deposition in Apple shares case

Apple chief to give evidence in SEC share options case examining former general counsel Nancy Heinen's role in the backdating scandal.
21 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Virgin Media to test 50Mb broadband in Kent

Major upgrade to Virgin's cable broadband service to be beta tested by customers in areas of Kent including Dover, Ashford and Folkestone.
19 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Dell to offer encryption option on business Latitude laptops

New laptops combine hard drive encryption with user and password management and pre-boot authentication.
17 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Birmingham picked for BT 21CN trials

Up to ten Birmingham-based exchanges to be connected to BT's next-generation network by January 2008.
17 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

IBM signs up with the OpenOffice project

Big Blue to back ODF as it agrees to contribute Lotus Notes code to the open-source office suite project.
10 Sep 2007
Server & storage

China to launch its own next-gen DVD format

CH-DVD will compete with HD DVD and Blu-ray, and is expected to debut in the first half of 2008
10 Sep 2007
Server & storage

Mcell hard disk boosts data speed with added RAM

New disk drive with added RAM could give solid state disks a run for their money.
6 Sep 2007
Network & Internet

Microsoft talks up Parlano acquisition plans

The company plans to add group chat software to its Office Communications server and client products.
30 Aug 2007