Simon Brew
Business strategy

Does geography matter in a digital marketplace?

With Amazon attracting lots of tenders for its new headquarters, does geography matter so much for online companies?
29 Nov 2017
Business strategy

Is it worth making anything in the "as-a-service" world?

With the consumer interface holding growing power, what’s the point of actually investing in stuff anymore?
24 Nov 2017
Business strategy

Tech companies, tax and the Paradise Papers

The issue of tech companies paying their taxes comes to the fore again. But is anyone really doing anything wrong?
10 Nov 2017
Business strategy

Are algorithms overlooking the power of instinct?

Is there a point where a human being is better placed to make a decision than a computer?
27 Jul 2017
LinkedIn on a mobile device

LinkedIn, and its increasing value as a business tool

A few years ago, LinkedIn was that service whose emails clogged your inbox. Now? Simon Brew reckons it’s found its feet…
26 Jun 2017

BlackBerry and the decline of the QWERTY smartphone

Since the launch of the iPhone, the physical keyboard has all but disappeared. But what about those who want some QWERTY time?
9 Mar 2017
Dropbox logo
cloud computing

Is Dropbox fit for business?

It's brought cloud storage to the masses, but is Dropbox a lifesaver or a threat? Simon Brew has been taking a look...
18 Jul 2014
WWW helpers
Network & Internet

The web at 25: Where next?

As the world wide web celebrates its birthday, Simon takes stock of what's happened so far, and the big tests ahead...
12 Mar 2014
WWW helpers
Network & Internet

The web at 25: Where next?

As the world wide web celebrates its birthday, Simon takes stock of what's happened so far, and the big tests ahead...
12 Mar 2014
Business strategy

Microsoft and Nokia: A gamble worth taking?

Does just over $7bn buy Microsoft a place at the mobile top table? Simon takes a look...
4 Sep 2013
Business strategy

Yahoo!, Tumblr and the $1.1bn gamble

Is Yahoo!'s big Tumblr gamble a bold move of genius, a security policy for the future, or an expensive folly? Simon Brew takes a look...
31 May 2013
Boxing gloves
operating systems

Microsoft vs Windows XP

Microsoft has given itself one year to cut ties with Windows XP. But does the decade-old operating system remain a viable business option?
10 May 2013
Business strategy

Michael Dell: What can he do for Dell?

As Michael Dell takes Dell back under private ownership, what does this now allow him to do?
22 Feb 2013
Future road sign
Network & Internet

The road to 5G

As 4G services finally appear in the UK, where's the technology set to head next? Simon takes a look...
10 Dec 2012
Network & Internet

The 4G rollout: is it enough?

Why is the UK lagging behind on 4G rollout? And can anything be done about it? Simon Brew has been finding out more…
24 Sep 2012
Future road sign

Where next for Apple?

The iPhone 5 is out of the bag: but what else will Apple have to keep the firm at its peak for the years ahead?
14 Sep 2012
Skeleton with mobile phone
Network & Internet

Is the humble phone call dying?

New figures suggest that, for the first time, voice calls are in decline. Is this the start of a long road downhill? Simon Brew takes a look.
3 Sep 2012
Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft’s plans for Office 2013

After releasing the Office 2013 Consumer Preview, Simon Brew takes a look at where Microsoft plans on taking its business next.
20 Jul 2012
Network & Internet

The piracy pitfalls of offering public Wi-Fi

Could businesses offering a public Wi-Fi service find themselves on the wrong side of the Digital Economy Act? Simon Brew takes a look…
11 Jul 2012

The Digital Economy Act: Is it doomed to never happen?

As a further delay hits part of the implementation of the Digital Economy Act, is this just a small hiccup, or is the Act being rendered toothless alr…
4 May 2012

The current state of desktop virtualisation

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of the benefits of desktop virtualisation? Simon Brew looks at the current state of play…
24 Apr 2012
data protection

Does the government want to snoop on your data?

Does the government really want you to tell them everything? And what are its new communications-watching plans all about? Simon Brew finds out more… …
4 Apr 2012
Policy & legislation

Have ISPs finally lost the DEA fight?

BT and TalkTalk have been defeated in their latest challenge to the Digital Economy Act. Have the final obstacles now been cleared? Simon Brew investi…
25 Mar 2012
data protection

Google and privacy: What’s the problem?

Google’s unification of its privacy policies has brought the firm wide criticism. But what’s actually the issue? Simon Brew has been taking a look…
12 Mar 2012
Dropbox logo
cloud storage

Top 10 tips to get the most out of Dropbox

Are you getting the most out of a Dropbox account? Simon Brew has some basic tips and advice to help you get that little bit more…
2 Mar 2012

Broadband, pricing and small businesses

As Virgin Media prepares to put up its broadband prices, what’s the best step forward for a small business needing a good connection? Simon Brew has b…
23 Feb 2012
Intellectual property
Policy & legislation

ACTA: the basics, the controversies, and the future

At the end of January, 22 countries signed up to ACTA. But what is it, and how will it be affecting you? Simon Brew has been finding out.
6 Feb 2012
Question mark and magnifying glass
Mobile Phones

What can Intel bring to the smartphone market?

Record profits. Dominance in the desktop sector. Turnover of over $4 billion a month. It’s good times for Intel, then. So what will it bring to the wo…
1 Feb 2012
Economic doom and gloom
Business strategy

Does 2012 spell doom and gloom for the tech sector?

Are we heading for another recession? Is it going to be an even tougher year in the tech market? Simon Brew takes a look…
19 Jan 2012
Windows 8

The problems facing Windows 8

What does Windows 8 need to do to turn around the decline of Microsoft’s operating system? Simon Brew has been taking a look…
21 Oct 2011
Apple v Amazon

Is Amazon a threat to Apple?

Apple has looked unbeatable in the tablet and smartphone market for some time. But could Amazon be the brand that threatens to topple it? Simon Brew t…
14 Oct 2011
Network & Internet

Why businesses should beware the Facebook convictions

Two rioters have gone to prison for their postings on Facebook. So why should a responsible business be bothered? Simon Brew investigates…
25 Aug 2011
Android logo

Is Android stoppable?

Now that Google has acquired Motorola Mobility, is Android set to reign the mobile operating system market for years to come? Simon Brew takes a look…
22 Aug 2011
public sector

Has Google misfired by buying Motorola Mobility?

Google stunned the market by announcing it was buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. But what is it up to, and should it be up to it? Simon Brew…
16 Aug 2011

How can big companies fight hackers?

As Sony finds itself on the receiving end of a hacking campaign, just what problems are big companies facing in this area and what can they do about i…
31 May 2011