Steve McCaskill
big data analytics

How data keeps the Tour de France running

Cloud, machine learning and edge computing are driving the competition's digital transformation and fan engagement
1 Aug 2019
digital transformation

Inside Europe's most technologically advanced stadium

From edge computing to next-gen connectivity, tech is built into the fabric of Spurs' new £1 billion stadium
3 May 2019
software-defined networking (SDN)

How edge networking has redefined the Ryder Cup

Golf is turning to connectivity and data to attract new fans both at home and at its biggest events
13 Nov 2018
machine learning

Airbnb plans to use AI and VR to revolutionise travel

Disruption in the hotel market is set to continue as the industry upstart eyes future tech
23 May 2018
IT infrastructure

Tech firms must lead the charge in the fight against e-waste

With 65 million tonnes of wasted devices expected this year, it's time for tech to go green
21 Mar 2018