Team Alphr

How mentoring can make a success out of your business

We join SPIXII three months into Samsung’s mentorship programme to see just how the company has grown
19 Dec 2017

HP Spectre 13 review: Ultra-thin and ultra-lovely

HP’s Spectre 13 is probably the prettiest Windows ultraportable to ever roll off a production line
11 Aug 2016

Samsung Gear 360 review:

The Samsung Gear 360 is a super bit of kit, but small niggles irk considering the price
29 Jul 2016
Business strategy

The psychology of presenting ideas

How you present an idea can be as important as what the idea is. Here are some tips from psychology
1 Jul 2016
Business strategy

How do you know if you have a good business idea?

Every startup starts with a dream – but how do you know if your dream will actually work?
29 Jun 2016
Business strategy

How to brainstorm and workshop your ideas in business

Developing ideas as a group is one of the most challenging but rewarding events for any small business
29 Jun 2016
Business strategy

How do you pitch a business idea?

No matter what your business idea, you need to be able to pitch it. Here’s how to create great, impactful pitches
27 Jun 2016
business apps

The Rock's new app will rock your day

Dwayne Johnson has released a new smartphone app that has no snooze button...
2 May 2016
Business strategy

Google self-driving car crashes into bus

The accident report has just been made public
1 Mar 2016