Zach Cooper
digital transformation

How digital transformation is impacting application delivery

Bridging the gap between traditional and microservice application delivery will be a new challenge for evolving businesses
29 May 2020
Business operations

What is application software?

We look at the characteristics that define applications, from stand-alone software to full-blown suites
22 May 2020
document management systems (DMS)

Why it’s time to take your documents digital

Paper workflows can have serious implications for data processing and legal security
19 May 2020
enterprise applications

Four business benefits of low-code

Low-code is the productivity tool capable of streamlining your development process
6 May 2020

What is open source?

What is open source software and how do vendors make their money?
29 Apr 2020

Four steps to exterminating RATs controlling your computer

Unless actively pursued, damaging remote access trojans have the ability to live years undetected
29 Apr 2020
Silhouettes of a team of office workers with a blue technology overlay to represent the future
Careers & training

What does the future of work look like?

How remote working, automation and AI will affect the way we work
28 Apr 2020
IT infrastructure

Our 5-minute guide to ITaaS

What is ITaaS, what are the pros and cons, and how best can it be implemented?
22 Apr 2020
Email surveillance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Nine top GDPR tips for email marketing strategies

It's not all doom and gloom – here's how you can make GDPR work for you
17 Apr 2020
Blue square background with a yellow cloud superimposed, with a cut-out key icon on it to represent cloud security
cloud security

What to look for in a secure cloud system

Not all cloud products support the same level of security, so what should organisations be looking out for?
15 Apr 2020
Database graphic

Are autonomous databases the doom of database administrators?

For DBAs, the gradual pervasiveness of autonomous databases means it’s time for them to sink or swim
8 Apr 2020
hybrid cloud

How the enterprise can embrace hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud has a lot to offer organisations of all sizes, but enterprises in particular stand to gain so much
6 Apr 2020
content management system (CMS)

Three ways a cloud-native CMS improves your content processes

A cloud-native CMS can be the differentiator between delivering an enhanced customer experience and falling behind competitors
2 Apr 2020
Cloud illustrations on a blue background with a ladder
hybrid cloud

Five obstacles holding your hybrid cloud strategy back

Overcoming these challenges is key to a successful cloud migration strategy
31 Mar 2020
cloud computing

Uncovering the hidden costs of cloud migration

The benefits of the cloud are in danger of being outweighed by an assortment of hidden costs
27 Mar 2020
digital marketing

How to personalise data while tip-toeing through the data-protection minefield

Data personalisation: Why it’s important, and why it’s hard to achieve
19 Mar 2020
SAP Innovation Center
big data analytics

What is SAP HANA?

Find out everything you need to know about SAP's in-memory database platform
12 Mar 2020
cloud computing

Digital transformations undercut by wasted cloud-spend

Cloud tech is a crucial component of any DT strategy, but without spend visibility, it’s just money down the drain
11 Mar 2020
data back up button

Best free backup software

You never know when disaster will strike so it's always best to have a plan to save your data...
5 Mar 2020
Digital marketing cloud
Marketing & comms

How to build an effective marketing strategy with the cloud

A guide to using SaaS to build an effective MarTech stack
4 Mar 2020
business intelligence (BI)

How to measure data quality

Perfect data is unlikely, but there are some fundamentals you must still measure
2 Mar 2020
paperless office
Business strategy

What is the paperless office?

And is it ever possible to be one?
2 Mar 2020

How to enhance your backup strategy

No matter what stage your organisation’s backup strategy is at, there is always room to improve
27 Feb 2020
Graphic representing security in either data protection or cyber security contexts
risk management

Digital transformation? Don’t bother unless you plan to address risk

Migrating to digital plains brings a host of new threats to your door that if left unaddressed will curb DX benefits
27 Feb 2020
software as a service (SaaS)

How digital workspaces are changing the way we work

The way we work is changing, and the way we manage our IT tools needs to change with it
21 Feb 2020
data back up button
cloud backup

Your data backup could be a disaster waiting to happen

You may think your files are protected - but could you be in for a nasty surprise when disaster strikes?
20 Feb 2020
Multi cloud illustration on a blue and orange coloured background, with real cloud images overlaid
cloud backup

What is cloud-to-cloud backup?

C2C backup is growing in popularity, so what is it, and how can it help your business if the worst happens?
18 Feb 2020
cloud computing

Five cloud-based tools your business needs

Building a digital workspace can be made easy with the right set of cloud-based tools
14 Feb 2020
Cloud illustrations on a blue background with a ladder

Four ways the cloud facilitates workplace collaboration

Collaboration smooths business operations and eases employee communication, boosting customer services
10 Feb 2020
Filing cabinets with digital art flowing up to numbers
business transformation

Five business benefits of Digital Transaction Management

What is Digital Transaction Management and how can it help your business?
6 Feb 2020

How robotic automation is being applied to the workplace

A look at the various industry tasks that RPA is providing a helping hand to
3 Feb 2020
Business classroom with a woman talking about cyber security, blue padlock image on whiteboard
enterprise security

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?

We explore the options of who should be in charge of this increasingly important area
31 Jan 2020
infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

What is OpenStack?

Want an alternative to AWS and Azure? We look at the open-source alternative
31 Jan 2020
Business man pressing a large phone screen with digital icons around him
Business strategy

Why digital transformation is essential for business growth

Whatever a company’s vision for the future, it must include digital transformation in order to grow
29 Jan 2020
data protection

GDPR compliance is the key to a smooth transition through Brexit

Brexit's effect on data laws demands that data management remains a top business priority for UK organisations
27 Jan 2020