Unicorn in a field
big data

Fivetran is now worth $1.2 billion thanks to new funding

Fivetran reaches coveted “unicorn” status after receiving Series C financing
30 Jun 2020
Business strategy

What is data and big data mining? An easy guide

You have a lot of data, but how do you find the right data to make a business decision?
26 Jun 2020
customer experience (CX)whitepaper

Don’t just collect data, innovate with it.

Removing the barriers to the experience economy
2 Mar 2020
big data

MPs urge clampdown on ‘dodgy data misuse’ in elections

Limitless fines have been proposed for those who break election rules
21 Jan 2020
Big data
digital transformation

How data can help SMBs with digital transformation

Improve collaboration, enhance customer insights and more by making data a key part of your digital transformation strategy
15 Jan 2020
Google Search
big data

Google reveals UK’s most searched for terms in 2019

People are seemingly more enraptured by consuming pineapples than registering to vote
11 Dec 2019
big data analytics

The IT Pro Podcast: How to build a data-driven business

We explore what goes into making an organisation truly data-enabled, and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls
6 Dec 2019
big datawhitepaper

Illuminating insight for unstructured data at scale

The importance of metadata and data management tools revealed
15 Nov 2019
business intelligence (BI)

What is data analytics?

Data is just data, but with analytics it becomes actionable information
7 Nov 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns politicians against misusing data in 2019 election

Parties are reminded to follow the law in light of threats of data abuse and voter targeting
5 Nov 2019
Careers & training

Big data courses - which one should you choose?

Big data skills are in high demand, so what training and certifications will get you the job?
30 Oct 2019
Branding from Commvault GO 2019
data management

View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado
22 Oct 2019
data leak warning
Data & insights

Government data strategy 'fragmented and rudderless'

Report finds a lack of clear leadership as efforts to harness data have "barely scratched the surface"
30 Sep 2019
Open data
business intelligence (BI)

Five steps to big data project success

How organisations can get an end-to-end view of their data pipelines
24 Sep 2019
Business strategy

What is big data analytics?

Explaining descriptive, predictive and prescriptive methods of looking at data
17 Sep 2019
Google privacy
big data analytics

Google makes privacy-focused data analysis tool open source

Its differential privacy library has helped shape many of the company's core products
6 Sep 2019

What is Hadoop?

We explain the Java-based framework powering Big Data and another industrial revolution
29 Aug 2019
artificial intelligence (AI)whitepaper

How banking fraud is changing with data and AI

Big data = big chances for fraud
28 Aug 2019
Data & insights

IT Pro Panel: Building a data-driven business

Data analytics may be one of the hottest trends of the moment, but it’s not as simple as it sounds
29 Jul 2019
Data protection

Chrome and Firefox extensions leak sensitive information

The researcher investigated after he found his customers' details freely available to attackers
19 Jul 2019
Data & insights

What is a relational database?

Relational databases underpin many applications and software, but what is it?
18 Jul 2019
Data & insights

Data storage is now possible in matter smaller than DNA

Researchers have taken the far future of data storage to the next level
8 Jul 2019
big datawhitepaper

Blueprints for big data success

Succeeding with four common scenarios
31 May 2019