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The IT Pro Podcast: How to build a data-driven business

We explore what goes into making an organisation truly data-enabled, and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls
6 Dec 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns politicians against misusing data in 2019 election

Parties are reminded to follow the law in light of threats of data abuse and voter targeting
5 Nov 2019
Data protection

Commvault Activate bolstered with data protection addons

Features aim to help businesses comply with regulations like GDPR and Californian Consumer Privacy Act
16 Oct 2019
big data analytics

Structured vs unstructured data management

Big Data is big business – if you have the skills to manage it
30 Sep 2019
SAP Innovation Center
big data analytics

What is SAP HANA?

Find out everything you need to know about SAP HANA
30 Sep 2019
big data analytics

What is text mining?

Your business can gain valuable insights by letting AI analytics loose on your emails and documents
25 Sep 2019
Big data
digital transformation

How data can help SMBs with digital transformation

Improve collaboration, enhance customer insights and more by making data a key part of your digital transformation strategy
12 Sep 2019
Google privacy
big data analytics

Google makes privacy-focused data analysis tool open source

Its differential privacy library has helped shape many of the company's core products
6 Sep 2019
big data analytics

How data keeps the Tour de France running

Cloud, machine learning and edge computing are driving the competition's digital transformation and fan engagement
1 Aug 2019
Data & insights

IT Pro Panel: Building a data-driven business

Data analytics may be one of the hottest trends of the moment, but it’s not as simple as it sounds
29 Jul 2019
NASCAR car driving
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NASCAR revs up its video business with AWS

The cloud platform will help with the automated processing of its mammoth video catalogue spanning 70 years
5 Jun 2019
data governancewhitepaper

Build a data governance strategy for the new digital era

Data is becoming an organisation’s most strategic asset
31 May 2019
data governancewhitepaper

A comprehensive guide to intelligent data governance

Learn how to establish a data governance framework to protect and secure crucial data
31 May 2019
big data analyticswhitepaper

Eight essential checklists for managing the analytic data pipeline

Getting your data management processes right is paramount
31 May 2019

The language of data infrastructure modernisation

Explore the key trends driving the modernisation of data infrastructure
31 May 2019
TfL Underground London
Data & insights

TfL will track tube passengers to improve its service

Company will harvest anonymous data from passengers using the free Underground WiFi
22 May 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns tech industry to rebuild public trust or face ruin

Regulator says innovation at risk of backlash akin to GM food scandal
14 May 2019
NHS cash injection
Business strategy

NHS to launch data-sharing hubs with trial in Manchester

Cardiac patients will be the first to have their data analysed in real-time
7 May 2019
The new Cloudera logo displayed at DataWorks Summit 2019

View from the airport: DataWorks Summit 2019

There’s no honeymoon period for the ‘new’ Cloudera as questions about the future go unanswered
22 Mar 2019
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
big data analytics

Mercedes-AMG migrates to TIBCO for enhanced data analysis

TIBCO's platform is helping to model data to refine Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport's Formula One performance
15 Mar 2019
HPE logo
Data & insights

HPE and Continental partner on blockchain data marketplace

The platform will fuel data monetisation and services that help to reduce driver risk
25 Feb 2019
Data & insights

Oracle expands AI development hub in UK

The company plans to double the size of its workforce with new data scientist roles
15 Nov 2018
big data

Using Big Data to transform business processes

From cost management to gaining new insights, Big Data is becoming an invaluable business tool
13 Nov 2018