Slow broadband speeds impacting UK business productivity

Over half of UK broadband customers are unsatisfied with their current connections

Slow broadband speeds are making the majority of UK broadband customers less productive, new data has revealed.

A survey of over 2,000 UK customers showed that over half of consumers feel that their existing connections are insufficient to support increasing amounts of online activity. The research was carried out by Boosty, a provider of broadband 'top-up' solutions.

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This could have genuine economic impacts, as 52 per cent said they use their home broadband for working and approximately 30 per cent stated that poor connectivity has adversely impacted their productivity when doing so.

In fact, when their home connections fail, a third of customers would resort to using their mobile data package, and more than 20 per cent would be reduced to using someone else's Wi-Fi.

"Consistent, fast connectivity plays an integral role in both our business and personal lives," said Boosty's CEO Paul Evans.

"Yet despite the ongoing efforts of UK broadband providers to deliver superfast fibre connectivity, these survey results clearly demonstrate that consumers are disappointed with the technology. People expect a seamless, dependable service so that they continue doing the things they rely on and enjoy."

Unsurprisingly, consumers reported that the loss of access to administration and banking services would have the biggest impact in their lives, followed by communications platforms like WhatsApp. Online video streaming trailed behind in third place.

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The survey follows the news that residents in the 5 per cent of the UK not covered by the Broadband Universal Service Obligation will have to request high-speed internet, after the government said that rolling it out to all residents would not be economically viable.

"Just like food, water and the air we breathe, a decent internet connection has become a staple in the modern consumer's diet," Evans said.

"Yet, given the increased pressure we place on the internet to go about our day-to-day, if the problem of broadband provision in the UK isn't addressed, then we're at risk of being starved of the online activities we rely on.'"


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