Openreach telecoms maintenance
Network & Internet

Openreach revises full fibre prices for small businesses

The new standardised pricing structure will make it easier for businesses to cost up their new site projects
3 Sep 2019
Broadband cable
Network & Internet

Sky reportedly eyeing fibre investment with Liberty Global

The new network proposal could place serious pressure on BT and Openreach
2 Sep 2019
Three UK
Network & Internet

Three UK defends 'misleading' 5G advertising

EE and four others have complained to the UK advertising regulator about its "entirely false" 5G marketing
20 Aug 2019
Three mobile
Network & Internet

Three launches UK's first fully unlimited 5G network

Unlimited data and speeds for one single price will appeal to some, but there some serious drawbacks to its launch
19 Aug 2019

Terrible tech conference Wi-Fi could soon be long gone

New government initiative aims to attract more international events to the UK with better infrastructure
16 Aug 2019
Close-up image of the BT Tower in London

BT claims PM's 2025 full fibre pledge will cost £30bn

UK's largest broadband operator says its ready to expand if a deal is reached with Ofcom
2 Aug 2019
Ethernet cable in router
Network & Internet

What is a default gateway?

A look at one of the most critical components of a well-functioning network
25 Jul 2019
wireless router

What is SSID?

We look at what SSID is and how it is used to connect devices to the internet
16 Jul 2019
Huawei and America
Network & Internet

US-Huawei sanctions leading to ‘major 5G slowdown’ in Europe

Swedish Telecoms giant claims key decisions are being put off due to security reviews and economic disputes
2 Jul 2019
Firefox icon
Network & Internet

Mozilla teases subscription-based Firefox release

Premium VPN and secure storage features among privacy-centric add-ons touted for the web browser
11 Jun 2019
Network & Internet

Ofcom tasks BT and KCOM with rural broadband delivery

With the cost of delivering adequate broadband to rural areas being so high, new funding methods must be devised
7 Jun 2019
Broadband and telecoms
Policy & legislation

UK telcos commit to Ofcom's customer code of practice

It's the latest in a line of frequent policy announcements from the telecoms watchdog which aims to get customers the best deal
3 Jun 2019
Openreach telecoms maintenance
Policy & legislation

Ofcom opens up Openreach for full-fibre commitment

Telcos will have greater access to Openreach infrastructure in a bid to accelerate ultrafast broadband to millions more properties
24 May 2019
Broadband connection
Policy & legislation

Ofcom will compel broadband providers to be more transparent

It's the watchdog's latest effort to provide customers with the best deal possible
15 May 2019
Vodafone store front
Network & Internet

Vodafone is the first carrier to name its 5G switch-on date

The telco will launch 5G in more cities than any other network too
15 May 2019
Donald Trump
Network & Internet

Trump slaps 25% tariffs on Chinese networking equipment

ZTE and Huawei expect to be hit by sharp duty hike as critics say the move will hamper 5G development
13 May 2019
Close-up image of the BT Tower in London
Business strategy

BT revenues slip, but investment indicates long-term vision

BT shines in its consumer business and it also shares some enticing 5G news for the UK
9 May 2019
Powerlines in the countryside
Network & Internet

Government intervention pivotal to boosting rural 4G

Membership body repeats calls for network sharing by operators to boost digital connectivity for SMBs
1 Apr 2019
Ofcom logo
Policy & legislation

Automatic compensation for broadband outages goes live

No need to dial up when your internet goes down, ISPs are now incentivised to pay you back without prompt
1 Apr 2019
Broadband cable

TalkTalk and Sky are 'failing' customers

Which? notes four of the UK's major broadband providers are consistently under-performing
26 Mar 2019
Intelligent WiFi

Virgin Media rolls out Intelligent WiFi

The smart software will use cloud-power to optimise wireless signals
11 Mar 2019
Broadband connection

Ofcom brings tougher broadband speed regulations into effect

Consumers can now expect guaranteed minimum speeds otherwise they can breach contracts penalty-free
1 Mar 2019
Virgin media sign
Network & Internet

Virgin Media can now deliver 8Gbps hyperfast broadband

Using its existing infrastructure, Virgin Media has successfully trialled network speeds over 200 times quicker than the national average
6 Feb 2019
Photo of the O2 logo taken outside a branch in London
Network & Internet

O2 to demand millions in compensation from Ericsson

CEO Mark Evans is set to meet with Ericsson for crisis talks over a blanket UK outage caused by expired software licenses
10 Dec 2018