Data security: protect your business

The recent unveiling of a £7m Police Central E-crime Unit to tackle Internet fraud says it all. Online crime has become a global menace, with up to 90% of offences on the Web now fraud related.

Data security: protect your business

Andy Kellett, senior analyst at Butler Group says, despite many high profile security lapses, some organisations still view the purchase and support of security technology as a necessary evil. He says: "Though this is woefully misguided, money spent on security can be a non- productive drain on the IT budget if business-oriented objectives aren't kept in focus.

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"Organisations should start to take IT security forward as a strategic, foundational capability. Risk assessment is an essential step to understanding the factors that bring about the need for security protection, and will enable IT security to be seen as a beneficial business asset, rather than as an expensive liability."

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