Business operations

customer relationship management (CRM)

What is CRM documentation?

CRM software can be transformative, but employees need the resources to get the best out of it
12 Dec 2019
Business strategy

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin step down from Alphabet management

The famous silicon valley pair will remain board members with Sundar Pichai now CEO of both Google and Alphabet
4 Dec 2019
Huawei logo on building
Business strategy

Huawei takes the US trade sanctions into its own hands

Reports suggest the company is no longer reliant on American hardware to produce its devices
3 Dec 2019
email marketing

Let’s stamp out snail mail in 2020

Why do so many businesses prefer the postbox to the inbox?
1 Dec 2019
Twitter logo with security pictures
social media

Businesses should act fast during upcoming Twitter purge

Twitter is freeing up dormant accounts, with hugely valuable handles available to the fastest fingers
27 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

Uber denied licence to operate in London

Ride-hailing company has just 21 days to appeal the decision
25 Nov 2019
managed print services

Google to axe Cloud Print by 2021

Businesses that rely on the service must develop and execute a migration strategy by the cut-off date
22 Nov 2019
Data & insights

How much is your data worth? And can you turn it into cash?

One solicitor, one futurist and one adtech specialist join forces to answer two questions that will rumble through the next decade
21 Nov 2019
Google 'G' sign on phone in dark room
digital marketing

Google will limit targeted advertising ahead of the UK general election

Deepfakes and misleading information will be explicitly banned, while ad targeting will be restricted
21 Nov 2019

How a secure digital workspace can streamline your move into new markets

A global approach to improving user experiences
20 Nov 2019
private cloud

Salesforce unveils Customer 360 Truth in quest to provide single source of data reality

Organisations will be able to better understand customers and, in turn, personalise and enhance their experiences, according to Salesforce
20 Nov 2019
social media

Can Wikipedia founder's social network really challenge Facebook?

Jimmy Wales has high hopes for WT:Social, but it's going to take a miracle for it to work
19 Nov 2019
digital marketing

Snapchat vets all political adverts

CEO Evan Spiegel encourages political participation without misinformation
19 Nov 2019
file serverswhitepaper

Your first step researching Managed File Transfer

Advice and expertise on researching the right MFT solution for your business
15 Nov 2019
business planwhitepaper

The KPIs you should be measuring

How MSPs can measure performance and evaluate their relationships with clients
15 Nov 2019
human resources (HR) softwarewhitepaper

What HR leaders need to know about their future right now

Discover how cloud helps you create a more talented agile workforce for your company
15 Nov 2019
cloud backupwhitepaper

The definitive guide to backup for Salesforce

How to identify an effective solution for keeping your data safe
15 Nov 2019

How to spend less while making more

Common mistakes and fixes to optimise your billing process
15 Nov 2019
digital transformationwhitepaper

7 digital best practices for HR professionals

Don't leave anything to chance when your department goes digital
15 Nov 2019
customer experience (CX)whitepaper

Removing the barriers to the experience economy

Don’t just collect data. Innovate with it.
15 Nov 2019
business planwhitepaper

A complete guide to pricing IT services

Make an informed decision about pricing your IT services based on your business needs
15 Nov 2019
cloud managementwhitepaper

How to make money in the cloud

If you’re a technology solutions provider, cloud services should be at the top of your agenda
15 Nov 2019
business managementwhitepaper

The ultimate guide to as-a-service

Step-by-step advice for empowering your technology solutions business
15 Nov 2019