Salesforce launches myTrailhead to drive skills and learning in business

The tool build upon Trailhead allows businesses to tailor learning to employees


Salesforce has launched myTrailhead, a branded learning experience platform to help businesses offer their employees enhanced skills training.

myTrailhead builds upon Salesforce's Trailhead, but allows organisations to brand the platform with their own logo, tone of voice and resources in just a few clicks.

Employees can learn the skills they want, when they wish, developing a more engaged and productive workforce. Additionally, managers can track employee progress with Trail Tracker, an app available on the on Salesforce AppExchange, which assigns, tracks and reports on badges earned by their team. This also identifies where they may need to improve upon skills to make sure their organisation is futureproofed.

The myTrailhead platform introduces Trailmixes, a customised learning path for employees. They can be specified during the onboarding process to offer a learning journey built specifically for their particular role, starting from day one at the company. As an employee progresses through their learning, they can achieve badges and other accolades that can be shared with others in the company.

"Business leaders recognize that investing in their people and building a deep culture of learning is a key strategy to moving their company forward," said Sarah Franklin, EVP of Developer Relations and GM of Trailhead at Salesforce.

myTrailhead integrates with Salesforce applications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. If any of the applications identify a staff member needing extra support or training, myTrailhead will send a notification to them suggesting they take part in relevant training.

"As companies modernize their workforce to compete in the digital economy, they want new learning environments that are digital, smart and fun," said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, BersinTM at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

"Learning platforms like myTrailhead, which are compelling and easy to use, are essential to employee engagement and growth, and represent an enormous new market in the HR tech landscape."

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