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Best ERP apps

We round up the best Android, iOS and desktop apps to manage your enterprise resource planning strategies

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Enterprises across the globe are increasing efficiency and productivity by adopting strategies utilising apps that can vastly improve the enterprise resource planning (ERP) procedure to raise sales and enhance client relationships.

Most ERP apps conveniently run hand in hand with ERP software installed on desktops/laptops, but a few apps offer specialised solutions and higher quality services. Here are the best in the business.


XTuple has been designed with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind, offering ERP, CRM and a web portal for businesses that need complete visibility over their entire organisational structure. For example, you can see exactly how the company is performing across sales, accounts, customer and supplier management, inventory, manufacturing and distribution all from one place, with dashboards and reports available to distribute among the key stakeholders.

There are different versions of XTuple, each designed for a specific sector. For example, the Distribution Edition has been created for electrical, HVAC, plumbing and industrial wholesale distribution, while the Manufacturing Edition is perfect for manufacturers. The standard PostBooks Edition is best suited for the majority of businesses, although if you need everything combined, you're better off opting for the Enterprise Edition.

XTuple is available across Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile and can be implement on-premise or in the cloud to make sure it fits into every business set-up.

Price: $45.00/month/user             

URL: XTuple

Why download? As an open source system, XTuple is much more flexible than other ERP systems, allowing for complete customisation if required

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld was one of the first ERP platforms built just for the cloud, so it's not surprising it's one of the most finessed, offering a full suite of services to manage a business's operation.

It is an expensive option compared to other ERP systems, but it does comprise enough features to justify its price, including an accounting platform, inventory management, CRM as well as general ERP functions.

The widget-based UI is really easy to use, allowing you to add the features you need access to most often are added to the dashboard so you don't have to navigate around to find the information you need - it's all there when you sign in. Of course, if you do need more detail, you can quite easily drill down too.

Just because Oracle NetSuite OneWorld has been created with larger businesses in mind, it doesn't mean the UI is stuffy. It's actually simple to use, with lots of colourful graphs showing information that everyone can understand, whether the board needs to access the latest data or the finance director needs to see the likely impact of a decision.

Price: $999 per month + $99 per user

URL: NetSuite

Why download? Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is completely customisable, with widgets allowing each user to tailor their dashboard exactly to their requirements.

Apprise Cloud ERP

Apprise claims to be the only ERP solution designed specifically for consumer goods cloud deployment. Apprise's IT experts deal with the set up and management so that your teams can focus on getting work done without worrying about configuration or operation of the cloud. The full suite offers monitoring and includes Distribution Resource Planning, Import Management, EDI, forecasting, and chargeback management to streamline and optimize the entirety of the supply chain from one place.

Price: Free (service subscriptions apply)

URL: Apprise

Why download? Apprise can be deployed using Apprise's cloud or on-premise, making the set-up much simpler than other options that require user management.

Comarch ERP Mobile Sales

Comarch ERP Mobile Sales is an adept management package that gives users access to transactions histories, payments, and correspondence with customers. There is also the ability to manage pre-sales through the app, as well as issuing invoices and other documents, and sending those on as PDFs from your records. The app integrates with Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Altum systems.

Price: Free (service subscriptions apply)

URL: Comarch

Why download? Connecting with the Comarch suite of ERP products, this app gives users access to their sales reports, customer information and a variety of essential communications.

Ecount ERP

Ecount ERP is designed to help small and medium businesses manage their inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, and payroll from one app. The cloud-based app offers real-time reporting including inventory stock reports, sales reports, purchasing reports, accounts receivable to help your business stay on top of all business matters - all of which is synched with the app across Android, iOS and desktop for complete on-the-move management.

Price: Free ($55/month subscription required)

URL: Ecount ERP

Why download? Ecount ERP gives you complete control over all the inner workings of your business, from stock reports, right through to invoicing and accounts.

ERP Diagnosis

ERP Diagnosis is the first tool you should use when you've implemented a new Sage ERP tool in your organisation to check everything is set up correctly. You can simply choose the area of your business you want to monitor, such as purchasing, sales, customer services or marketing and it will flag up any issues you have with your ERP backend related to that area of yur business. For example, it may be that your sales contacts haven't been implemented correctly, previous communications haven't been imported or the phone system hasn't been setup correctly. Any of these problems can then be addressed by the IT department to ensure it's ready to use when teams need it most.

Price: Free

URL: ERP Diagnosis

Why download? ERP Diagnosis will make sure you're alerted if any element of your ERP isn't set up correctly, saving the organisation time and money.

Odoo (OpenERP CRM Sales)

A genius solution to all ERP needs, Odoo (OpenERP CRM Sales) is a complete open source application, meaning you can host it on your own server, and even tweak the central code if you want. This means any enterprise can customise it to exactly fit their needs. The system has a total of thirty applications that you can incorporate including tools that help manage invoices, messages, sales, and more. All these apps are integrated in one interface, allowing you to view all your CRM data in one place, with a lot more ease. The CRM Sales app is brilliant for sales quotations and orders on the go and is also available offline when you're missing those signals.

Price: Free on your own servers, hosted version is $15/app/user each month.

URL: Odoo

Why download? Odoo makes sure all the information you need is at your fingertips at any time and it's open source too!


OneUp combines every elemen of your business into one easy to use solution. Combining accounting, invoicing, inventory, and CRM, its beautiful interface makes it simple to keep on top of the health of your business, without making management a task. Your bank account is synched with the accounting element, including all your invoices and whether they've been paid, while the inventory segment will show what you have in stock, the worth of that stock and purchase orders relating to each item.

Price: From £9/month (single user) up to £169/month (unlimited users)

URL: OneUp

Why download? This multi-faceted solution is perfect for small businesses, with plans to suit all budgets.

Sage ERP X3 Sales

Offering support for a number of languages including English, German and French, this app allows you to deal with every client and their requirements individually. You can punch in each client’s specific needs, orders, address and even statistics when it comes to sales. Connect your sales team to the Sage ERP X3 app using an iPad for better responsiveness, effectiveness and productivity by giving them access to all the information they need on the go.

Price: Free

URL: Sage

Why download? For a more tailored approach to client management, Sage ERP X3 integrates seamlessly with all your client details so you can map performance on the move.

SAP ERP Order Status

This app is a great way to keep track of order statuses on the go. SAP ERP Order Status connects to the SAP ERP system already being run by your business. It allows your clients to send in their concerns to you directly regarding their goods and orders so you can field to your team through the app so it resolves urgent concerns faster.

Price: Free


Why download? Resolve issues faster with the ability to forward concerns to relevant teams instantly.

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