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They say experience is the best teacher, and nowhere is this more true than in the trenches of business IT. While analysts, academics and experts can offer valuable perspectives on the various issues facing IT teams, there's no substitute for the wisdom gained by working at the coalface.

That's why we created the IT Pro Panel - a network of top CIOs, CTOs and technology leaders who unite to share their hard-earned insights on the challenges, trends and opportunities facing modern IT departments.

Organisations of all stripes are represented, including charities, schools, startups, enterprises and more. Every month, we'll be asking our panellists about the topics that really matter to modern IT professionals, such as cloud migration, digital transformation and cyber security.

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Latest IT Pro Panel Discussion - The practical CIO's guide to AI

It seems like everyone is talking about AI these days, as cloud services and research advancements make it easier than ever to start making software smarter. But leaving aside all the hype, how easy is it to actually build and deploy AI-enabled systems, and what are they actually being used for? In this month's IT Pro Panel discussion, we spoke to our panellists to find out.


  • Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene founder 
  • Marc Pell, Tempcover CTO
  • Manila McLean, Newcastle Building Society CIO


Liam Quinn

Director of IT - Richmond Events

For more than a decade, Liam has managed IT systems for Richmond Events. Over his tenure he has led a number of projects, including migrating from multiple on-premise data centres to a DaaS solution, implenting a GDPR-compliant email marketing system and designing and developing a bespoke CRM solution.

Paul Watts

Chief Information Security Officer - Kantar

After two years in the CISO chair for Domino's UK & Ireland, Paul has now left the famous pizza chain to join data and research specilists Kantar, helping to protect the company's 30,000 global employees and the vast troves of consumer data that they analyse and process.

Peter O’Rourke

Former director of IT - University of Suffolk

A long-time industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience, Peter led the University of Suffolk’s IT team in supporting the University’s 5,000-plus students and teachers, as well as helping shape the education sector’s attitude to technology through his role on the executive committee of UCISA.

Killian Faughnan

Group Chief Information Security Officer - William Hill

Protecting one of the country's largest betting and gaming companies from attackers is no easy task, but it's a challenge that William Hill Group CISO Killian Faughnan relishes. With operations in multiple countries and a huge number of customers and partners to defend, it's a job that ensures Killian's never going to be bored.

Ritam Gandhi

Founder - Studio Graphene

As founder of digital design agency Studio Graphene, Ritam is responsible for leading a diverse team of developers, designers, engineers and creatives. The firm helps build apps and other digital products for the likes of Heineken, Mars and Coca Cola, so staying on the cutting edge of digital development is crucial for him and his team.

Marc Pell

Chief Technology Officer - TempCover

Part of Marc Pell's role when he joined TempCover as a lead developer was to redesign its platform to support more agility. Fast-forward to today, and he's leading the company's technology strategy as CTO, helping institute policies like remote working, agile development and a cloud-first mentality.

Patricio Colombo

Founder & Director - CIO On Demand

After almost 15 years heading up the IT departments of HELLO! Magazine and the Jamie Oliver Group, Patricio has struck out on his own, offering his services to organisations as a freelance CIO-for-hire. The fluid nature of this role has given him a wide range of experience across world-class brands like the European Tour.

Peter Donlon

Chief Technology Officer - Moonpig

A personalised gift is always going to be more meaningful, and Moonpig has made a name for itself as the go-to source for customised cards and gifts. Developing and maintaining the infrastructure behind that service, however, takes some work - and that job falls to CTO Peter Donlon and his team of developers and engineers.

Gavin Scruby

Chief Information Officer - SmartDebit

A raft of compliance regulations and high levels of customer expectations means that fintech is always a challenging space to work in, but SmartDebit CIO and director Gavin Scruby meets that challenge ably, navigating the complexities of both technology infrastructure and financial technology.

Graeme McDermott

Chief Data Officer - TempCover

After spending four years at Addison Lee shaping its data strategy, Graeme has now joined insurance company TempCover, working alongside CTO and fellow panellist Marc Pell to drive its continuing growth. Graeme is responsible for working with the board to set strategy around data protection, CRM, analytics, optimisation, and more.

Manila McLean

Chief Information Officer - Newcastle Building Society

In the high-stakes world of financial services, IT excellence is more important than ever, as traditional institutions compete with digitally-native new challengers. As CIO for one of the north's biggest building societies, Manila McLean is responsible for ensuring that Newcastle Building Society is delivering the experiences that its customers demand.

Alison Davis

Chief Information Officer - Natural History Museum

With a background in research chemistry and years of experience working the dreaded IT helpdesk, working at the Natural History Museum was a dream come true for Alison Davis. Not only does she get to lead a truly IT strategy for a truly dynamic and engaging organisation, but she also helps it fulfill its vital goal of research and conservation.

Dan Jacobs

Chief Technology Officer -

As CTO of TV licensing marketplace TRX, Dan Jacobs is in charge of managing a cadre of Ruby developers and maintaining a large and complex tech stack which supports high-value transactions from the likes of BBC, Sky, Lionsgate and more. A career CTO, Dan is firmly embedded in the IT world, and brings an abundance of experience to bear on the challenges of the role.

Craig York

Chief Technology Officer - MKUH NHS Foundation Trust

As CTO of Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Craig York has one of the most simultaneously challenging and rewarding roles an IT professional could ask for: helping to support and safeguard the trust's staff, clinicians in their vital work caring for patients. Craig has been serving the trust for almost two decades, seeing it through countless technological changes.

José María Labernia

EMEA CISO - LafargeHolcim 

Created by the merger of two major industrial manufacturing giants, LafargeHolcim has offices, staff and projects all over the world. José María Labernia is responsible for cyber security within the EMEA region, and is charged with protecting those employees and sites. As part of that, he has to deal with some challenging factors, including distributed workforces, a constantly-changing attack landscape and the confluence of IT and OT.

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