The IT Pro Podcast: How do we fix security?

We discuss why firms keep making the same security mistakes with guests Graham Cluley and Stu Peck

Security is a constant consideration that presents issues for businesses but, sometimes, it seems like we've been battling the same problems for years. In the first episode of The IT Pro Podcast, we take a look at why organisations keep making the same mistakes, as well as tackling the role of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and discussing the threats posed by the looming skills gap.

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Co-hosts Adam and Jane are joined by veteran security journalist and host of the Smashing Security podcast Graham Cluley and Stu Peck, ZeroDayLabs' head of cyber security strategy and co-founder of The Many Hats Club.

We also discuss what Facebook's lawsuit against NSO Group over WhatsApp hacking has to do with 'cyber bombs', what Twitter's decision to ban political advertising means for the social network's reputation, and how the French pre-empted the internet.







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