Three women at work
Careers & training

Proportion of women in tech roles ‘flatlining’

Although women now occupy a million STEM roles, the percentage of women in tech has barely risen since 2009
5 Dec 2019
Careers & training

Interest in UK tech roles slips amid Brexit crisis

Fears mount over UK skills shortfall as searches for European tech roles continues to boom
22 Nov 2019

Get the best out of your workforce

7 steps to unleashing their true potential with robotic process automation
15 Nov 2019
Silhouettes of a team of office workers with a blue technology overlay to represent the future
Careers & training

What does the future of work look like?

How remote working, automation and AI will affect the way we work
13 Nov 2019
digital transformation

£1bn MoJ digitisation blighted by unreliable systems

Select committee finds the Wi-Fi facilities and poor standard of video conferencing are in dire need of upgrade
4 Nov 2019
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Should you recruit externally when introducing new tech?

Retrain your current staff or hire fresh talent? Making the wrong decision could be an expensive mistake
2 Nov 2019

The best UK coding and app development courses

Knowing programming language is a valuable asset for any modern job. Here's where you can learn to code for free
31 Oct 2019
Cyber security automation mockup

Embracing automation will produce better analysts

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be automating menial security processes in 2019, according to McAfee
31 Oct 2019
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Big data courses - which one should you choose?

Big data skills are in high demand, so what training and certifications will get you the job?
30 Oct 2019
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IT manager job description: What does an IT manager do?

We look at the skills you need to be an effective IT manager, and potential career perks
28 Oct 2019

What are the biggest career trends in cyber security?

We take a look at where the jobs are, who are the top employers and the most sought-after skills
28 Oct 2019

Windows 10's buggy updates blamed on toxic work culture

Former engineer calls Microsoft workplace a 'herd of made-men protected by henchmen'
25 Oct 2019
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The best email sign-off, and 14 to avoid

Signing off an email can be a minefield, so here are some tips
18 Oct 2019
powering digital skills
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How to make yourself irreplaceable in tomorrow’s job market

What skills do IT professionals need to help them weather tech disruption in the workplace?
14 Oct 2019
Careers & training

Oracle looks to hire for 2,000 new roles in major cloud push

Despite the recent history of job cuts, the cloud giant is still hoping to compete with AWS and Microsoft
8 Oct 2019
machine learning

Automating the end of discrimination

Tech tools such as AI and bots can help improve equality, but only if we humans build and use them the right way
8 Oct 2019

Carbon Black: Cloud is now key to our security strategy

Company's annual conference highlights importance of security infrastructure, diversity and understanding the hacking community
7 Oct 2019
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'New collar' jobs are needed in the digital age

IBM CEO says you shouldn't need a four-year degree to thrive in the future
4 Oct 2019
The HP logo
Business strategy

HP to cut 9,000 jobs as part of billion-dollar restructure

Incoming CEO Enrique Lores plans to make the company more “digitally enabled”
4 Oct 2019
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UK targets skills gap with £120m in funding

The UK government pledges £120 million more for eight new institutes of technology
2 Oct 2019
Business strategy

CIO job description: What does a CIO do?

Why the CIO role is still integral to business
1 Oct 2019

How bad will Brexit be for tech?

How will bursting out of the EU affect tech jobs, legislation and the prices of tech goods?
30 Sep 2019
Careers & training

The best US tech companies to work for (and why)

We peruse some of America's top-rated technology companies graded on Glassdoor
30 Sep 2019