A third of IT pros will seek new roles in 2018

Millennials are most likely to be seeking new opportunities

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A third of IT workers will seek out new job opportunities in 2018, on the hunt for a better salary, to better their skills or to work with a business where IT is a priority, according to Spiceworks.

The company's 2018 IT Career Outlook also revealed that 7% of IT workers are planning to become a consultant in 2018, leaving their fully employed job roles in exchange for more flexible working, while 5% want to leave the IT industry completely, in search of a career change.

Millennials are the most enthusiastic for change, with 36% of the age group either planning to change employer in search of a better salary or to work for a more talented team, compared to 23% of baby boomers that want to leave their current position due to burnout.

"Although the majority of IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs, many also believe they should be making more money, and will take the initiative to find an employer who is willing to pay them what they're worth in 2018," said Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks.

"Many IT professionals are also motivated to change jobs to advance their skills, particularly in cybersecurity. As data breaches and ransomware outbreaks continue to haunt businesses, IT professionals recognize there is high demand for skilled security professionals now, and in the years to come."

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Other findings in the report showed the most in-demand skills are those related to cybersecurity, with 81% of IT professionals saying experience in the area will be critical in 2018. However, only 19% of those questioned said they have cybersecurity skills.

Other skills that will be vital for IT workers going into 2018 are networking, infrastructure hardware, end-user devices, and storage and backup. A higher proportion of those working in the industry said they have these skills compared to cybersecurity.

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