Over half of IT workers are unhappy in their current job

Survey reveals that poor company culture is putting workers off

More than half of IT professionals are unhappy in their current roles, new figures have revealed, citing issues with corporate culture, wages and job progression.

According to a recent survey of over 1,200 workers by job site CV-Library, despite over 90% of respondents saying that it's important to love your job, over 56% of IT staff confessed that they were dissatisfied with their current roles.

The principal thing staff cited as the reason they were unhappy was poor workplace culture, with almost 47% of staff flagging this as the primary reason for their dissatisfaction. 34% also flagged a lack of room for job progression and low wages as major concerns.

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"It's worrying to learn that so many IT professionals are unhappy in their current roles. Job satisfaction plays an important part of keeping staff motivated and productive," said CV-Library founder Lee Biggins. "As an employer, it's vital that you are able to spot the signs of dissatisfaction or low morale and combat these issues right away. Tackling these early on can help to get staff back on track and start enjoying their work again."

"It's clear that company culture, pay and progression are important to professionals in the industry. Be sure that you're offering fair and competitive packages and that these tie in with creating a great working environment. Hosting social events is a great way to help staff blow off steam and build good relationships with their co-workers. This also goes a long way towards creating a great company culture."

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Despite being unhappy with their employment situation, more than 65% of respondents said that finding a new job wasn't the best way to resolve it. Instead, the most popular option was speaking to a manager, as well as identifying what is making you unhappy, adopting new responsibilities and improving your work-life balance.

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"It's great to see that IT professionals aren't giving up without a fight," said Biggins. "Being able to speak openly about your job is important and as such, employers need to keep the lines of communication open if they hope to address any issues in a timely and effective manner."



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